Hey GUYS the Deals are out THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey GUYS the Deals are out THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we placed 7211 amherst in escrow for 31,500 all in. The list price was 44,500 and for some unknown reason it was sitting on the market (price). Had it inspected and it cleared with flying colors so I made the offer.
Exit Plan: Lease option of 3k, 750 per month lease and a sales price in three years of 50k
3k plus
750 lease for 36 month= 27k
50k - 31,500= 18.5k
For a total of $48,500 plus my 31.5k back
They pay taxes ( i let them write them off), they get to fix their credit (we help with reporting),They pay for all repairs but I will pay for three years of insurance because it stays in my name until option is done. Win , win win all the way around..NOW GO GET SOME

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Keith man that is awesome I would love to learn to do that you have classes on that right



Go faster do more! GFDM!

Good negotiation

Sounds like a great deal Keith. How much are you going to rent this deal out for? Did you get this off the MLS?


Reynold Orozco


Hi Keith do you mentor others on this or what, sincerely, Jim



Hi Tony

The answer would be yes we do. As soon as time allows Roberta and I will do a video for here and IE on this deal and how its done..

Hey Ray

The deal did come from the mls which was a first for me. My agent let me know about it and I made the offer. It will be leased optioned for 750 per month (see post for numbers) Lease options are the tool to use.. Keith

Hi Jbischoff

Hi Jim
We we do and it is something we can talk about. There is a link to our company under my pic so please contact me that way. Just read your bio and you have been here for some time. Keith

Hey Kieth

The deals are out there for sure. Good work!



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Thanks Michael

Yes they are. You more so than me see deals everyday. I do only a few deals a year but they are mostly home runs. That works for me..

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