Wholesale Deal that almost fell through!

Wholesale Deal that almost fell through!

It's been a while since I've posted on here. This post is for people that really need inspiration.

I put out 50 bandit signs in a hot area here in Denver that said:
Adam Buys Houses
Any Condition

I got a call from a seller who only spoke Spanish. At first I said "nah its a dead lead why try?" but my father knows Spanish fluently so I asked him to give the seller a call with a lead sheet I gave him. My dad calls me back saying it sounds like a deal so we both met with the seller 3 days later.

The house needed a ton of work about $44k.
3beds 1non-conforming 1bath 1500sqft
ARV $390,000.00 Asking $160,000.00

We got the deal under contract for $150,000.00 and I was assigning to my partner who I'm the Acquisitions Manager for.

Took about 45days to close because the seller wanted time to move out before and after closing. By the time we got to closing after a long wait the seller brought in a friend who was a Realtor to translate, not represent him. I felt that almost killed the deal but then right at the closing table he wanted 3 months rent free. Where did that come from?! So I called my partner and we spent almost an hour negotiating right at the closing table, keep in my this was done through a translator who spoke spanish for the seller. Talk about stressful.

We didn't end up closing. I keep my head up, rewrote a contract for another month and hoped they wanted to close then. I could of got negative but I ignored it and thought 100% positive with it. The NEXT morning I get a call from the translator saying the seller wanted to close that day. My partner and I immediately called the title company and made sure our funds were still in escrow and everything was set in play, we just had to re write the dates in the contract and initial. We closed and I got an assignment fee of $2,250.00 and a new laptop my partner promised me for closing this deal lol Also, I'll be getting more money when we fix up the house and sell it. Could be another $6,000.00 or more.

This all happened because I didn't leave one stone unturned and thought positively about everything. Can you imagine if I said bandit signs don't work? The seller speaks spanish so why bother? He wanted 3 months rent free, nah forget it?

You never know what's going to happen but what you set in your mind to happen.

Get those deals done especially if you're new! You don't have much time! Look at what's going on in the world, a job isn't going to cut it anymore you need multiple streams of income and real estate is the best for anyone because you don't need a special talent like an actor does and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

God Bless.


Adam Macias


My dad will also get a finders fee for this deal and other he helps us with especially in translating lol Think my dad is motivated? You BET!


Adam Macias


Way to stay with it Adam! It feels good cashing checks!




Good job, hope to see you tonight at my REI club meeting. Blake is speaking tonight!



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Nice job

Nice job on sticking with the deal Adam. Most wholesalers would of consider those signs as defeat. I to had a couple of deals that a lot of persistence on my end in order to make the deal work. Keep up the good work.


Reynold Orozco

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