as is help

as is help

I have a quick question, I was talking to my agent and we was talking about as is homes. I told her that one of the things I was looking for are homes that is listed as is. She said that most of the homes that are as is have major problems and once the price is agreed by the seller and whoever I give it to that we can have the seller fix it up. My question is do I still want as is if most of them have major problems?

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As is homes are great for investors

Dean teaches his students to look for 3 criteria's when making an offer and one of them are AS IS. Submitting a offer on a as is property would give you a good chance on getting the property below asking price because the bank/person selling the home knows it needs work. This is where its an advantage for us investors to make money on wholesaling the property to another buyer for a fee or get a good deal for yourself.


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Ray is right, and also sounds like your agent knows that you are wholesaling which we dont want them to know bc they usually don't understand wholesaling. But if they already know oh well just keep going & making offers & make sure you have at least 20 buyers for each deal you want ok.



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Major problems

If a house is listed with AS-IS in the description, that means the seller is usually NOT willing to fix it, that's why they are selling it AS-IS.

You will need to get a ball-park figures for repairs if you are going to wholesale it. And most experienced investors/buyers can walk in a house and tell if it's a $10K cosmetic fix or a $20K medium rehab or a $30K major rehab... or more if it's in an expensive neighborhood.

As is

Another view is that you can contact the seller and ask if they would like to fix it up and get premium price. As stated above, seller may NOT have $$$$ to fix it.

You could bring in investors, update the house and sell and split the profits.


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Correct AS is

does not always equal major fix-ups, it is just things that should be done that sometimes the buyer will request and so sometimes people will list their house As is, but it may not be time consuming or expensive to do. Dean does say to look for AS Is. Vacant is also a great one for the list!

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As is - are great MOTIVATED sellers because as stated above they are properties that the seller wants OUT of. These properties do not have to be major remodels . For example I have a house that has a basement problem and I want to sell it AS IS .I do not have a lot of experience just say in concrete repair so I will sell it as is. It could be the same thing with electrical, there may only be a few outlets or light fixtures that need repair and I as a seller may not have the experience to do this or the know how to hire it out and realize that it is not a big project so I sell the house as is.
Although as is homes are a great avenue to look for I believe for sale by owner or rent to own homes are even better to go after because you can negotiate better and I believe they are more motivated than any other Except for maybe vacant homes which is another avenue you should focus on also. AS IS can be lucrative and they are not necessarily major rehabs so keep your head up and stay the course and good luck stay persistent and determined. Also if they are as is and do you have major problems you may want to focus on wholesaling to contractors because these are buyers that have no problem fixing things and know they can get a great deal because they are the only ones that can repair for a lower cost


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