Title Search Fee

Title Search Fee

DG Fam,

When you have a prop under contract, you next go to get a title search done right? Ok, I have to use an RE attorney for that in GA so I have to pay the attorney a fee up front? That is a little costly isn't it? Where does the no money down concept come into play if this has to be done?

Douglasville, GA


Depending if you wholesaling the deal

This all depends on if your wholesaling tis deal or buying it for yourself. If your wholesaling this property you will not come out of pocket because you will have the buyer give you a upfront non refundable deposit for your wholesale fee then if you need to put a earnest money deposit down with the seller, you would take some of the money you took from the buyer and cover the sellers earnest money or unless you talk the seller into taking $1-$100 as a EDM. Now if your wholesaling this property you will introduce the seller to your attorney and either the seller or the buyer would pay the attorney fees. Unless you purchase the property for yourself, then you would have to pay the attorney fees.


Reynold Orozco

Reynolds is right

You get the money up front from your buyer. Otherwise you incur expenses like this to get the deal done.


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I guess I look at it that the end buyer should handle all of the fees. Since the closing will be in their name, then the title search is for them as is the attorney fees (which I use the title company's attorney which is much cheaper). Just as your end buyer should handle the inspection, so they should handle the rest of the closing process.

Not Familiar with GA, but

In PA, it really depends on the title company and the attorney you decide to use. If you have an existing relationship with a title company or RE attorney, usually you can have title work ordered and pay the fee at settlement, which would be included on the HUD 1. There are some title companies and attornies that require you to put up a deposit prior to having title work completed, which will be refunded to you at settlement. If you're working via a real estate agent (for MLS properties), there's not an upfront fee when your agent/broker submits the AOS contract to the title company/attorney, but you'll have to pay it at closing. I have yet to do an assignment of contract, so I'm not sure how the average wholesaler structures this.

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