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Hey Ernesto,

I actually am new as well and haven't done any assignments. So, I haven't had to come up with an official contract. Deans website has contract information (in the Forms & Docs section on the left hand column) that I intended to piece together when the time came. Also, I have come across some great forums that tell you what you must put in to piece together an assignment contract. Try searching with words like "assignment contracts" or "assignment contingencies". If all else fails, try asking one of the Site Superstars (Sully, Anitarmy, cbrpower) to point you in the right direction. When I come up with one, I will be glad to forward it to you.

Good Luck!

Hey again, I found a few

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Hey again,

I found a few that I bookmarked for myself that I found very helpful. Maybe you will too. Since I'm new to this, I'm not sure if I've correctly provided the links so if they don't work, let me know. , , , ,

trust deed/notes

I can't keep up with the demand of my investor!
We are looking for new or deliquend trust deed/notes
I can be reached at: cash4cash87@yahoo

Help with posting

Hi Ernesto,

Like many, I'm new to finding my way around these sites; where to go and basically how to do it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have found a commercial property that is quite good and the price is right. As a general contractor, I have examined this new project of a medical and dental campus style facility in San Diego County. It was poorly marketed and now is in the process of a short sale. Original construction costs were $15,000,000. The word I have gotten is an offer of around $5-7,000,000 will be accepted. I have done the due diligence and it is defiantly a class "A" project. 12 buildings, campus style, all empty vanilla shells.

Also how does someone reach me if they are interested.