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Started Real Estate with my partner and sister 3 years ago. Started in residential short sales and wholesaling. This has been a passion of mine for many years and many systems later I am finally getting into the industry with both feet.
Now we have expanded to Commercial distressed and defaulted properties.
You know what they say it is better to have "multiple" streams of income.

real estate investing, dragracing.

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Thanks Greg.
Look forward to networking with everyone...

Massachusetts investment partners?

I'm new to the world of real estate investing but I already have a client in pre-foreclosure and willing to work a short sale deal. Where do I begin. HELP!


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I am needing some help where do I start with SS Veronica please email me v53garnett@****

Apartment Buildings Jacksonville, FL

Would any of your investors be interested in a 16 or 20 unit apartment building in Jacksonville, FL? $500K in upgrads, 75% occupied, partnership dissolved so they are very motivated to sell. $450K.

Interested in Apartment Investing

I would like to invest in stabilized income producing apartments. I have looked into conduit lending who are willing to lend 80-90% LTV. I currently have lifetime real estate coaching through dean's academy, but no one seems to have a lot of experience in multi unit investing that can give me some sound advice on where I should begin with this venture. I am new to this and would like to reach out to anyone out there who can offer some advice on where to begin with this. Thank You