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Victoria Diaz
Groton, CT
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Hello DG Family,
I am a wife and a mother of a 2 year old girl. I have been interested in REI for the past 2 years but never knew where to start. I am hoping that I can get alot help and support on this site. You guys are awesome!

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Fulltime Mom
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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Hey Victoria,
I read in one of the posts that you are taking your licensing test next week. Good Luck with it!

Seeking distressed properties in CT

Mainly Fairfield county and just about an hour and a half from the Bronx and any deals in The BRonx. Single up to four units distressed deals. Please no listings. I am an agent myself.
We are cash buyers

Michael Berrios

having to get started(loans, and credit)

There are some houses up for sale in my area where i stay and also the listing on the web i've find just still procrasting about taking chances college student on credit, my credit isn't bad at all hasn't been used just my first time of purchasing an house of my own....how and where also when can i get started?

CT in the HOUSE

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We are new to the game in CT and were pleased to see someone in our area up here. Right now we are trying out the different ways to go about investing and are trying to find something more suitable to our area. We are right around the corner from you and were wondering if you could give us any tips? Anything would be helpful. We are just putting together our system and only on step 1 - find a realtor..... help neighbor...