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Kai Pennock
Edmonds, WA
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I'm young and ready to make this happen!!! Im not getting any younger and I've had my share of financial mistakes and have paid for them. I got into this back in 2008 and let it sit on the back burner while I worked my ass off for hourly wages when I really should have been putting my full effort into real estate investing. It's my time now so I hope I get all the help and support I need to become successful!

I've found the woman of my dreams and we're doing wonderful. She'll be graduating with her Masters in Social Work the summer of 2013 and my goal is to be making steady income by then so I can buy her a ring and take a much needed vacation getaway!!!! It's time to make my move!!!

Hunting and Fishing mostly... working on my truck, cooking in the kitchen and spending time with my lady!

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Real Estate Investor
Completed High School
In a Relationship

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Mainly Just This One



Welcome Kai,
I hope that this site will meet and go way beyond your highest expectations. May you prosper, and may you give unto others that they may prosper, making all concerned more prosperous. Pas. Greg