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Gerald Price
Providence, RI
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I am a Real Estate Investor in the Rhode Island area. I have a background in Financial Services and Housing, Mortgage, HECM, Bankruptcy, Credit and Debt Counselling. I look to network with other investors all over the country and if you need I am great at working short sales or working loan mod's. Feel free send me a message.

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Real Estate Investor
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Hi everyone:
I have access to more than 400 Private and Hard Money Lenders ready to fund in 5-7 days. If you can find Properties with 50% or more in equity, i can find the money for the deal. Let's say that you found a SFH for Sale Price of $100k. Repairs $20k. After Repairs Value $240k. This way we will not have to upfront money. Works with Residential, 2-4 Units and Multifamily properties. Prefered properties that needs minor cosmetics/TLC or no repairs.
If interested, PM me.
PS: I have 3 properties, free and clear in Detroit, MI.

in your town

Hi Gpricejr appreciated how u got leads by using Craigslist and Google phone to get leads I'm starting out with no monie as well if I had you're hand I'd through mine in still trying to get a realestate agent to represent me very enthusiastic about the whole idea may have to go a step further instead of waiting for them to call but I know they can be your most valuable asset I wont give up though not coming this far

Hi, thanks for the

Hi, thanks for the information. Im located in southern cali and would love to have access to ur list of hard money lenders.

i surely would appreciate

i surely would appreciate the free information. I have no money to work with right now, and am looking at ways to fund my marketing strategies....thank you

List of Sites To Market On

Hello Gpricejr,

My name is JT and I would like to see if you wouldn't mind sharing your list of sites. I'm having hard time getting started and need to close at least one deal in the next 45-60 days. Hopefully trying your method will help me out.

If you have any other tips you wouldn't mind sharing that would be great as well!!!

It would be greatly appreciated!!

Warm Regards,

Mrs. JT Adams