Finding a Mentor

Finding a Mentor

I just received Dean's book "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" and I'm about half way through it. In the second part of the book he refers to finding a mentor to help out along the way. My question is where do I go to find one? He mentions coming to this website but none of my searches on here have produced anything to help me find such a mentor. Please help!!!!



They offer a mentoring program at if you cannot find your own mentor. If you post what city you are in perhaps someone on here may be able to introduce you to someone locally.

Finding a Mentor

I am in the Chicago land area and in need of a sucessful Mentor with someone who has followed Dean's kit or book and bought/sold properties with a profit. I am extremly dedicated to making this process work any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated and hopefully someday I will be able to mentor someone soon, thank you, Pamela.


Look up Gerald Forsyth. He lives in that area and is huge investor and has the capital to help you out. The only problem is contacting him. I don't know if he has taken the program or not, but I know that he has had a mentor before. I hope that this helps you out. Let me know if I can be of service to you in the future. I am from the Champaign area. Thank you and good luck.


Need a mentor...

Hi..I am desperately trying to break into the business and am looking for a mentor. Northern CA or SE Oregon. I am also trying to locate other investors who can help with financing some deals as I don't have a lot of $ to work with. Thanking you in advance, Dan

I'm looking for a mentor near Bethany,Mo. 64424

I'm looking for someone to help me with this real estate job. then I'll be avle to help save My Dad's job of doing plumbing for over 40 yrs. People here trust him and I love him so much and I hate to see what he and My Grandfather has worked for go down the drain. thanks and God bless ! Chris

Need a Mentor in Honolulu,HI

I am just starting out as a new business and could use some assistance.
Thank you

Desperately seeking mentor in San Francisco Bay area

Would love to work with a mentor. I live in northern California near San Francisco. Stuck in a rut and will do almost anything to get out. Motivated. I believe in Dean and Dean's program. I am currently reading Dean's book. I absolutely love it. Maybe we can work out a deal. I have excellent credit. I am willing to travel just about anywhere in the U.S. if needed.
Or I am willing to partner up with someone and we can do the program together.
Thank you very much.
Michael B

I would love to have you as a partner

Hello I am also new to the program, but as I read I understand that the information given in the book is workable and if the steps are followed, you can accomplish your goals. I live in a city that has many motivated sellers, some homes have been on the market for over a year. I just need a partner with good credit and who wants to make a ton of money in my area of the country. Lets work together and accomplish our goals.
[edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers]

Need a mentor in the DC/Woodbridge Virginia Area

I am new to the real estate investing field and would really like to work with a mentor to help me get started. Please email me at [edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers] Thanks!



Looking for a Mentor

Hello I am a hard worker and a fast learner. I am in Buffalo, New York and looking for a Mentor in my area. Email me at [edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers]

Hey Allen, I need a partner

Hey Allen, I need a partner where are you located?

Looking for a mentor

Hi I'm looking for a partner in WA area.

Thank You

Thank you for this link. Do you suggest finding a mentor right away?


Seeking Local Mentor

Just read the book and seeking local mentor in the Orlando,Fl area.

[edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers]

SF Bay Area

We are also in the SF Bay Area (Vallejo) and looking for support. Maybe we could get coffee and brainstorm. We dont really have capital but we are motivated. We have assembled most of our team and are looking at properties. There is SO much in this town. This downswing really affected Vallejo. REOs, distressed and just abandoned property everywhere. It's sad really.

But we should brainstorm or something!


Bay Area is a Good One


You are lucky to be in the SF, it has some of the best opportunity there because it has always been resilient. I did hear some of Vallejo's new neighborhoods were becoming ghost towns. When you have so much to choose from it can be confusing because you can go in any direction.

Vallejo has tons of opportunities, and it will bounce back, but with so much supply, it takes some time. The market doesn't change overnight, and it's so subtle that unless you are keeping a pulse on it in many ways, you won't even realize it changed directions until the news is talking about it (usually months after the fact).

Start going through all the deals, wheeling and dealing for the best price. You should eventually find a handful that aren't just good deals, but practically steals. Once you have targets you can evaluate your options. Reassign, rental, lease backs, all sort of methods, but you have to find them and determine what the very best ones are. Finding a steal helps insulate you even if the market takes longer than you were to expect to correct itself.

If you can, also look even closer to SF. All of my research has always showed SF to be a good play, and you might be surprised what you can find when you are actively looking.

Mentor: SE Texas


I am in SE Texas / SE Houston market. I have five rental properties right now... but I could use a mentor who has more experience than I have... or I could help someone just getting started.

JBB @ MyRA p&m

need a mentor

Hi everyone. I received Dean's real estate millionaire book and am almost done reading it. I also received the video and have tried many times to call the number for a mentor. Unfortunately no one has called me back and I am in desparate need for a mentor. I'm starting here from scratch with no money and bad credit, but I'd like to work my way out of my situation. I am a widowed mother of two girls in Quakertown, PA hoping to move to the Ocala, FL area in a couple of years. I am very dedicated to this but was hoping if someone could help walk me through it and build a relationship for future business as well. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


mentor in connecticut

I finishing up reading the real estate millionaire book, & im looking for a mentor in my area to help jump start me. I very new at this, & need some advice, thanks for your time, & hope to hear from someone soon, thanks mike. [edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers]

Help Needed

I'm in Southwest part of Houston and I just started reading the book.

Thanks JBB

[edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers]

need a mentor in Indiana

I got dean course and some other courses along the way and would like to find a mentor in my local area. You can reach me at [edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers] Thanks

Mentor in need

I initially purchased Dean's book in Phoenix, Az. area and temporarily moved to San Diego area. Want to jump start and get back on my feet utilizing this program. Bad credit,but am a quick learner and dedicated worker. Tired of living inside the box. Looking to think outside the box. Help!!!

Mentor in need

I am in SA tx area any mentors located in SA TX need help

Need a Mentor

I am in South Florida (Palm Beach County) and need help

Finding a mentor is easy

Finding a mentor is very easy. The question I have for you is "are you willing to work for free?" If you are life is going to get much easier for you in the real estate world. The key is this-quit thinking about yourself and start thinking how you can help someone. Every good real estate investor is very busy right now putting together deals, checking on rehab projects, working with property managers and on and on. What they need is sort of an apprentice to help with some of these tasks. I suggest you start asking realtors in your area who the most successful investors are. Then call them and tell them you are a very ambitious, new investor willing to work for free in return for knowledge. The "on the job" information you will learn will be priceless.


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!


i am looking for a mentor in the phoenix, arizona area. anybody out there??


I'm looking for mentor in the mid west area; missouri and kansas???


Interested in working with a mentor in the Missouri/Kansas area.


i too am looking for a mentor in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I am open to learning the techniques that are necessary. please respond quickly, as i need to know that this can really be done.




I'm in Phoenix, AZ. Is there any mentors/investors out there that could use some help and possibly help me get into investing?


Finding A mentor

I am not sure a mentor is a good idea, I have responded to a couple of people that needed help from this site and never heard from them? The idea of working for an invester is good. Its free lessons, but is the investor going to accept you and let you learn, everyone is worried about competion in these times. I would love to volunteer my time for a real shaker. I am starting out and barely finding time to look arround and find good deals. By the time I learn, the market will be back up and all I end up is making it harder for myself to start. Everyone has to learn on his own and from his own pocket. IF I can help anyone its because I really want to help others. I know that the cost for mentoring from DG team is a cost that will pay back a lot, its worth it like someone stated and I am considering it.



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