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First, I love this business!!! Real Estate is helping me to create the life I always wanted. Where else can you use your talents, knowledge, and OPM (other peoples money) to achieve your dreams.... Every morning I am grateful for Dean and all the other Mentors that have come into my life. If you are having any doubts about this business, STOP LISTENING TO THE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask question, keep learning, and most of all take action. The first deal is the hardest.
I can't is no longer in my life, only HOW CAN I?
Good Luck!

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Way to go Cash Flow King! I hope to be saying I'm successful at this very soon.
I need to crack my 'first'. Rick Garcia

Thanks for the message.

My first had me shaking. What a feeling... You may not realize it yet but you are so far ahead of where most people are in their life. Remember this is a great business that is a lot of fun. The deal of the decade will start to show up every week the longer you do this business.
All the success to you Rick!!!!


You seem to follow in Deans footsteps trying to help others. I think that's great! I have just finished Profit From RE Right Now. I am trying to get started, but keep holding off as I am unemployed after the holidays, and a single father of two boys, with poor credit. I have supplies for Bandit signs, but no 800 number, and not sure of my next move with the Bandit signs. It really needs to be right. Find buyers or sellers? Lease options or wholesale? Lawyer now, later? Mortgage broker now, Later? Whew. i just don't know. I live around Tupelo, Ms. Thanks for any suggestions, as Im sure it will help. ~Chris