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Grady Richard Corbin
Eureka Springs, Arkansas (Ozark Mountains)
About Me: 

My wife and I used Dean Graziosi's program to ramp up our investing and kick it into high gear.I took an early semi-retirement from the field of mental health in the early 90's and re-created myself a few times over since then. I(we) are passionate about helping others, about animals, and the environment as well.We have a 3-5 year plan to create our retirement through real estate investing. We recently downsized into one of our investment properties as our primary residence to allow us more time to devote to buying and selling properties and increasing our number of rentals.

In serial-passion form, music, mental health, sailing, horse training, Spanish and REAL ESTATE . .

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Hey, Grady.

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I just wanted to say I'm really glad you've popped into the forums and started posting. I love your take on things, and it was exciting to hear more of your story in some of the posts that you've made this week. Very inspiring! If you are going to Dean's event in April, I hope I can hear you tell it live.

God bless,


NWA Investors

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Hello Grady,
I am a new investor who has just purchased Dean's books and I am thinking of joining his academy. I am living in Missouri...just on the other side of Jane. I have read your story in students secrets. It is nice to know that people in this area are doing this. This makes all this more real for me.
My husband and I just moved here from Canada and everything is very scary for us at the moment.
We would love to meet with you one day for coffee, if possible.
Thanks again for the inspiration.
Shereen Skorpack