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Credit Repair

In our ongoing mission to provide you with terrific resources to succeed in building wealth through real estate, we have teamed up with a excellent company based out of Texas. I searched the country looking for a Credit Repair company that can actually produce the results on a daily basis that my students need. I found a great guy out of Texas named Jeremy Roberts. Jeremy Roberts is the founder of The Roberts Group and he is one of the nations leading experts on Credit and Credit Repair. Jeremy has worked with thousands of Real Estate Investors and their clients, helping them increase their credit score so that they can attain the American Dream of owning their own home and/or investing in real estate. Jeremy will teach you how having good credit can make you stand out from the other Real Estate Investors in your area. The Roberts Group has 4 parts to their program with a small up front fee they offer Credit Repair, Credit Coaching, Credit Montoring and Identity theft Protection. The Roberts Group is so confident they can help you that they will offer you a 100% money back written guarantee! If they cannot help you, they refuse to accept any payment.

The Roberts Group specializes in Removing

  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax Liens
  • Judgements
  • Reposessions
  • Foreclosure
  • Collections
  • Chargeoffs
  • Slow Pays
  • Inquires

Bank rescinds equity loan due to a lease to own agreement

My wife and I own a vacation home that we recently rented under a lease to own agreement.
We had been pre-approved for an equity loan that was intended to purchase another rental property. Today the bank informed me that the underwriter refused the equity loan and would not do any financing on our property because the house is considered sold under a lease to own.
They cited a recent trend of pre-foreclosure home owners using equity to buy cheaper homes and abandoning the first property as the reason they changed the policy.
We are in negotiations with the seller of the new property and this will sink the deal.
Has anyone heard of this and do you know of banks that will work with a leased to own property?

Accessing Forms etc on site

I keep getting unauthorized access to almost everything. I cannot pursue investing unless I can Get what I need. Can someone help with this???? PLEASE

Need some help

I work for a developer here in Utah. They right now are trying to find an investor for a commercial piece of property that they want to buy that is partially developed. They have been talking to the owner and it looks like a deal but now they are having a hard time finding financing. I was wondering what information you needed regarding this to see if this might be something that you might be interested in financing.

I only know bits and pieces. So my question is what exactly do you need to know. I thought maybe I might be able to bring my boss and yourself together to be able to make a deal where you could help finance and they could develop.


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I think as a minimum you need to do some homework and present us with the actual costs and Value present. Then convince us that it IS indeed a Great Deal. At that point the investors would be lining up. theoretically.




In order to get access to those forms all you need to do is log in! I am logged in now and can get them. If I log off...I cannot get them. Hope that helps you!


Appraisal Audit Sinks Equity Loan

I had pre-approval with the mortgage company in Maine that holds both my primary residence and vacation home. Base on a recent appraisal price of $277K we could refi the vacation home and fund the purchase of another property.

We just recieved notice the Lend Safe America audited the appraisal and reduced the appraised value to 230K. This eliminates the dollars needed to purchase and renovate the target property.

The mortgage company told us that we are A+ borrows but due to current market conditions their bank can't lend on the original appraisal price. They suggested we take the appraisal to a local independent bank or credit union to get the loan.

So tomorrow we start the loan process over; but may default on the P&S if the seller won't accept an extention.

Looking for anyone who has experienced this and any suggestion people have.


Buying rental property

I want to buy my first rental property but the bank is telling me I need rental experience to qualify for lending. Does anyone know how to finace this. Thanks for any help. Im in NY.

Maine broker

Try Mark Merrill at Flagship Financial 480-612-3216. He may be able to use your appraisal or contact me with any ?'s 914-213-1129 Thanks, Mike Rohan


I am so very grateful to DEAN and all you wonderful people who give of your time to help others succeed. I have long thought of trying to invest in real estate as A away to increase my earnings and plan for the future. I have been so discouraged by friends and family members whom I had talked to about my dreams. I thank God THAT I HAVE STUMBLED UPON A FAMILY OF LIKE MINDED BELIEVERS THAT ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IF YOU ONLY BELIEVE.YES I AM SCARED OF BEEN LAUGHED AT , I am afraid that I might not have the right skills or that I may lack perseverance.BUT I WILL GIVE THIS ALL I CAN.

A few years ago I was almost killed by a drunk driver without insurance. I am partially disabled ,lack the money for the medical attention that I have been needing. I lived my life for the past five years in great pain , but with your help ,and the knowledge that I am not alone in my quest for a better life, I believe I have found my community of friends and helpers. I am ready to learn from all of you and also to assist where I may be able to get in and encourage others to stay in the game.

I own my home along with my husband Owen a wonderful man but he doesnt quite get it why real estate is so crucial as an investment tool.I WILL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO CONNECT WITH SOME OF YOU WHO are starting out the smae time as I .BLESSINGS. LESNEMB

Getting Financing when you are self employed

Im in AZ. lots of properties at firesale prices.
I have an 830+ Fico, no debt, CD's as collateral etc and still cant seem to get financing

my income tax returns for the last 2 years dont really tell the whole story of my cash flow because im trying to limit my tax exposure.

Any ideas on who to contact locally that will fund an up and coming real estate investor?



Try No-Doc

Hey Jeff,
Unfortunately subprime loans are long gone including all stated income products. This really leaves very little to offer small business owners that aren’t showing much income like yourself. There are some no-doc programs still floating around out there providing you have been reporting some income to Uncle Sam for the last few years. Try giving Jeff Williamson a call he’s a great broker based out of Old Town Scottsdale 602-373-7779. The LTV’s for no-docs aren’t very high but it’s a start….
Mike Rohan


I am new to Dean's Program and have learned alot reading his books, I am a little scared going it alone and wanted to know if anyone in the Maryland area or close state would like to team with me on this realestate venture? Also does anyone know of any GOOD Brokers in Maryland.


help me

my wife and I needed to buy a house but our credit is not to good at the moment can anyone help us get to the new house please

Hard Money Lending

There is a huge auction coming up in Arizona. I have never tried my hand at an auction but would love to pick up a long-term rental at this auction. Do to the short amount of time that I have, I was thinking of using a hard money lender for the funds and then I'll put a mortgage on the property....with a lender that hopefully won't require the property to be seasoned for a year. I am scared to death to take this next step of finding and talking with a hard money lender.......but if I want in the game.....I don't see any other way. I need positive encouragement in regards to hard money lenders.....from anyone out there listening. Thank You!!

buyer approval

Who or where do i go to get a buyer pre-qualified. i have a homebuyer prequal form signed.can anyone help this is my first time.

looking for mortgage broker..

Can anyone recommend a good mortgage broker for the ny area? i have names for the north carolina and tennesse area.. please let me kmow!
Thanks guys!

buyer approval

I need to know what state you're in to recommend a broker to pre-qualify your buyer.



Can anyone recommend a good mortgage broker for the ny area?

Try giving Dmitry Gutman a call 917-771-0608(NY broker) Or myself 914-213-1129...



Mortgage Brokers in SC/GA

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I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a mortgage broker that services the Southeastern states ... FL/GA/SC and possibly NC too.



Mortgage Brokers in SC/GA

Hi Jacqui,

Unfortunately I don’t have a broker in SC yet but Mark Merrill will be able to help you in FL, GA, and NC. Mark works for Flagship Financial 480-612-3216.If you have any other questions concerning the mortgage process don’t hesitate to call.


Mike Rohan 914-213-1129

Thanks, Mike!

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I will make contact with him asap!

I have a question

How are you able to buy a house if you don't have a job at this time but you want to get out an into the housing market at this time.

to dean graziosi

i would love to keep getting the teaching emails from dean because, im really learning from them, thanks! jonathan earp tycoon3.


I sent you a Private Message on this sight. Please check your inbox.


Can someone help me in looking towards a mortgage broker that does not insist on a 20 percent down payment.
I'm relatively new to this,

Finding Finance for rental property.....Need Help !!!

Me and my husband own our house.
Mortgage: $295K. current Market price: $180K (we owe more than its worth)

Our total household income was $120k, when purchasing the house. I recently quit my job after having a baby, and now the income is down to $78K

After reading Dean's book, I found some homes, which will pay for itself, which I would love to buy as a rental property, But I want to know if we will qualify for a mortgage, as our income is less comparable to the mortgage we owe?

What are my options if I have a house 30% less than FMV, and has rent potential twice that of mortgage payment?
I have no down payment and no rental exp. I live in FL

Thanks !

Mortgage Broker's and Real Estate Attorney located in Phoenix

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Looking for referrals for a very good and experienced mortgage broker and real estate attorney located in the Phoenix area.

eboshart in Peoria, Az

Hard Money Lenders

Hello all.

I am a newbie and looking to get a first home for myself and then some rental property. I have already looked over 2 properties that can be had for great prices due to the foreclosures in my area, but I am looking for the name of any hard money lenders in the RI area, or even nearby southeastern MA. Appreciate any help someone may have.

Reverse Mortgage

I'm from Southern California can anyone help that could refer someone to me when you inherit a home with outstanding balance due. I been told so many things don't know what to do. The Grant Deed was done for the transfer. The current value $187,000 vs. $300,000 from the HECM Lender FHA. Credit not all that great told have to get new loan and if I don't qualify only thing been told just walk away. There has to be alternative for someone knows about Reverse and the situation I'm in. I need an answer back soon as possible.


Are we limited?

I live in California. A real estate agent mentioned and investor can only buy a certain amount of investment properties per year. Is that right?

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