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Tax Liens

Some have asked what are tax liens? Well, every state and/or county in the United States levies property taxes on real property. Property taxes are also levied in Canada. Every property has taxes due on it each year, vacant lots, residential homes, apartment, commercial properties, shopping centers, and skyscrapers. You may complain about such taxes, these taxes allow counties to provide necessary services to the local community,services such as police protection, fire departments, libraries, school districts, and local roads. Your community could not operate and function normally with property taxes.

Therefore, each year, the local taxing jurisdiction will assess taxes due on each property and send the owner of that property a bill for the taxes due from the prior year. If the owner does not pay his bill by a certain date, the taxing jurisdiction will levy a lien against the property for the amount of the tax bill, plus interest and other costs.

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Hello, I am interested in acquiring tax leins. I look forward to hearing from you.