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I'm a young man with lots of vision.Recently married. A Ex-college football player who turned professional business world insted of football. After I blew out my knee in the 1st quarter of the 1st game of the season, after transferring from junior college, I found out what my coaches thought of me after I was no good to them. I realized it was more of a business. I though it was all about football and I was blinded by the fame and glamor that it brought to me.

I was a advertising/marketing major and minored in photography, music and journalism. My junior year I began to do ebay to pay for my schooling because the of the loss of my scholarship. That was great until my paypal account was hacked by someone in Indonesia. They got me for all my earnings in the sum of $5329.43. that's a lot of money for a college student, so it crippled my entrepreneurial spirit for about a year. Sad

I started focusing on my studies even harder. Until on one day I my journalism professor told me, after I asked her why she left a major European news paper to teach, she said "I left because I found out that they didn't want the truth, they just wanted stories with agendas from higher ups, and if you are getting into journalism to tell the truth for a paper or news station, get out now".

So I wanted to find out what she was talking about. So I began to Google. What I found was very disturbing. What I found is a different story, but I will say that there's a reason they are attempting to sensor the internet as we know it.

I also began to Google and watching/studying and paying attention to multimillion dollar commercials/ads. I soon realized what I was learning in school was out of date. I was busting my bank for out of date information! That enraged me... That's like buying a Real Estate course that was printed in 2002 saying and following their modal that Real Estate never goes down! Except there was no 90 day Iron Clad Guarantee. lol Smiling

I also begin to get irritated that I wasn't learning how to make real money in school. So I begin to take out student loans. As much as I could, and I was determined to use that to get educated on how to make real money. I bought online ebooks, I tried network marketing which steered me to a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad. That book led me to Real Estate. My partner/teammate from college and I bought our first house. We found out after we bought it that the roof had black mold/leaked and before we could rent it out we had to get that fixed.

That was $30k we didn't have so we foreclosed...I wish we had Dean's info at that time we would have not bought that. lol... sometimes you got to learn the hard way. So I became determined to find financing for people who wanted to Real Estate and FOREX. After being scammed 3 times, 20k and two yrs later. I'm proud to say we have found what we been looking for! Smiling

We offer $250k to $1M for investing purposes. Such as; Real Estate Investing, FOREX, use it grow your current business from advertising, equipment, etc. The best part is if you make your payments on time for six months we will double your credit lines if you so choose.

For more info Feel free contact me. serious people only
Just so we don't wasted each others time you will need anywhere from $7500-$25k normally takes 6-8weeks for funding. no personal credit needed.
Thank you for reading my profile and I look forward to speaking and meeting you. Smiling

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Sales, Marketing, Promotions, Day Trading.
No Children
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Would love to add you as a money source please tell me more.

Thanks Charisse

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I'm ready to get started!

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i am ready.

Welcome Tim

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Hey Tim
I wanted to stop by and welcome you to Deans board. I read your profile and man! You have really had some hard learned lessons in your life. I like the way you have bounced back. I look forward to reading your posts as I am sure you have lots of information that will be benefiacial to many. If you have any real estate questions feel free to ask of any of the people here on the board. We all have a broad range of experience. Glad you decided to put down roots here with us.


Tim, tell me more! Thanks, Brad

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Thanks for the invite would love to get more information 250K. You also have had hard life. Welcome to the DG Family.