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Charisse Rudolph
South Central Ca.
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Only have done property investment for personal use & now starting to do Property Investment for making an income. 100% committed. Live on a small ranch and we raise horses. Happily married with two grown kids and two grandchildren. We love animals and the outdoors. We also have three dogs, two cats and a pot belly pig. Or do they have us? I have written 12 books about living your dreams and how to thrive & survive through the obstacles of life. You can see them on line @

Making money with Real Estate, horses, gardening, family.

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Real Estate Investor, Marketer, Writer & Speaker
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One


Little steps = Plateaus to be celebrated.

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Good blog Dean. You are right, I don't give my self pats on the back. I always push my self to the next step first, and the next step, and the next step. I keep saying that I am going to buy a ping pong table as a reward for doing something. But I never see it as good enough so I keep working. It took us over a year to rent a building we remodeled and do you think I celebrated by getting myself a ping pong table,...Nope! Instead I am pushing on reading your books, creating my free web, (Thank You) Not sleeping at night because I have to create a contact sheet, along with all the other stuff, and it goes on and on. So, Thanks for that blog and,... I offered a young couple a Seller Carry Back Deal & I created my free web page on your site yesterday. Today I am going to create a contact sheet and start looking into getting the phone service for potential buyers, and talk to a mortgage person about qualifying people as they call with interest in buying houses with little money down. I am also going to call Mathew Riney again and see if he is available to talk about the success program.

Deans Birthday

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A passionate scorpio! No wonder you show up like you really care about others. Thanks for sharing all your great information. We have been so busy since we signed up for coaching that we haven't been able to do our homework because we have deals that are finding us? Since we signed up we have leased our commercial building, sold our house, bought our dream ranch, and now a 4 plex has shown up. Really, the universe must know that we mean business.
Happy Birthday Dean!

Excited to re start

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Well my husband and I signed up for the coaching program in Oct. As soon as we paid the fee all kinds of Real Estate stuff started happening. Its as if the planet opened up and said,"Wow they are really serious about their plan to become investors." #1 Our commercial building that we bought in Nov. of 05, that was not completed with the remodel until 07, and had stood empty was finally leased to a really good lessee. (Ideas from Deans first two books.)
Our home that we loved but had been on the market for two years, finally sold. (Empowered my Dean's books) A 21.45 ranch property with an indoor arena, that I had been trying all kind of ideas to purchase, that was priced at over a million dollars when we first found the property which we could not afford, became ours with out putting any money down! And we have a payment we can totally afford along with taking up to a year off to do the fix up. Thanks dean!!! Now it is time for us to read book #3 and get started on that home work. Wow, the power of suggestion and the added knowledge really is something!!!! Want to know something else? I am Dyslexic and can't do numbers. But I am a great problem solver and I believe I can do this. I come up with ideas and strategies, then I ask my husband to help me with the math.

Its starting to rock!

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Since I returned from The Edge 2010 I have been told about a place in Santa Barbara, looked at four places right her where we live, set up my relator for action, and we are putting 3 offers out today. Talked to our bank with a list of questions, and I have asked three people if they would like to do a joint venture. We are going to start by borrowing against our own money. I know about two apt. buildings in or around L.A. if anyone is interested. We are but we are not in that boat yet.

Hi Charisse

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I wanted to stop by and say hello to you. I see that you are an animal person like I am. I had 12 horses, a pot belly pig, cockatiels, parakeets,guniea pigs, ferret, racoon, baby squirrel, dogs and more dogs. As soon as the squrrel and racoon could defend for themselfs I let them go. I know the animals are your family members. Glad you are a member here on the board and I wish you well on your real estate journey.
It is a great business to dedicate your life to.

What did one mosquito say to the other?

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So many Fisherman, so little time. What did one property investor say to the other property investor? So many bargain houses, so little time, and money. Hey, we are finding some amazing deals and we can't afford to keep them all We are in Ca. Today we looked at 5 houses going to be auctioned. I am breathing heavy from excitement of the money to be made. We are looking for cash buyers, NOW! Lets do a Joint Venture. We find em, You Fund em, We fix em and do all the work. We share the profit.$$$$
I want cash investors, I need cash investors, I want buyers, I need Buyers, I scream, you scream, we all scream for Cash Buyers!

I have cash buyers

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You Must Have
Clean title work
Pays up to 70% of FMV


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Great, I will talk to you next week. I have some family business I am taking care of the next couple days. I look forward to talking with you more. Take care, Charisse

Hi I'm Mary-Jane (MJ) I too

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Hi I'm Mary-Jane (MJ) I too am from from CA (Central CA) We are investors Who Have Unlimited Funding to purchase Short Sales. As a result of our relationship with major banks and asset departments, we are able to purchase mortgages for less than what is owed, even when in the middle of a short sale. The homeowner receives satisfaction of lien, and walks away from the property without having a Forclosure on their record. The deal must meet our criteria. Contact us to qualify by PM

Hi Sissy

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I didn't see your comment until now. Sorry I didn't comment earlier. Yes I love my animals and when I get richer I will rescue more. Smiling

What My Logo means (MJ)

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Hello again! My logo is actually a picture of an american Pit Bull Terrier with wings. It reads the following: In memory of all "Pit Bulls" who have been killed by ignorance and fear.
I am a huge APBT lover and advocate for this breed I actually have 4 of my own. (Also a German Shepard/Dingo) making that 5 dogs! I live in Stockton, CA. The type of property we look for: Short Sales or Pre-forclosures that are Owner-Occupied or Vacant, MUST have at least two mortgages, behind on payments 30-120 days, 300K and higher, Owner MUST be willing to walk away from the property. We also do Whole sale deals as well.
If you are interested please PM
Thank You,

Planting seeds

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Although making money in 30 days after starting real estate investing is possible, in most cases I think you have to plant seeds and see what grows. Its seasonal in most cases. Look at your area, keep up to what is happening in not only your area but with the nation and dollar. Then pretty soon if you keep watering, you will find a buyer, find an investor, find houses. When you can answer everyones needs, yours will be answered as well. And like Dean said on his video this morning, use your natural abilities and let other people use theirs. Then join as a team.

Here is a good quote that I keep on my computer to read everyday. "To succeed in life, we must stay within our strength zone, but continually move outside our comfort zone."

Happy Trails, Charisse


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Hello Charisse,
Robert here wanting to know if we can conneect to do some business together. I work with lease options and wholesale homes. Currently have a property in Oregon by the Idaho border, it is a ranch with a home on the property. It's about 40 acres. Let me know if interested.

Get it in writting

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You have heard the saying that talk is cheap. A reminder to anyone who reads this, So far I have had two people I found on this site who have been a lot of hot air. They painted a pretty picture and spoke with a forked tounge. WATCH OUT! Always ask for a contract, or send them one, and if they don't come through,... say NEXT!
We are online people, the other person can tell us anything they want. Just like dating sites or adults that tell kids online that they are also a kid, and to meet them somewhere. Its sad to say, but you can't trust someone just because they are a Graziosi family member. Actually, because your gaurd is down thinking about us all as family members, helping each other out, remember business is business! Get an agreement in writting and have your attorney or some one you trust look at it. Most of the people are really helpful and I appreciate them, but be smart.

Where have you been?

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I noticed after your trouble, I haven't seen any postings. Are you still going to be the probate queen?

50 States stop Foreclosures, NOw What?

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Sure would love to hear what Dean has to say about this latest challenge in buying foreclosures! Maybe since everyone has been on a news diet they haven't heard yet? There are other guys trying to get me to buy there advice on what to do now. Tell us great leader, How will this effect what we have been doing or learning?

Re: Don't be a neive bird dog

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Hi Charisse,

I was reviewing some posts, in the Forum Archives, and I came upon this one.

Posted on: Fri, 10/01/2010 - 11:01
You have heard the saying that talk is cheap. A reminder to anyone who reads this, So far I have had two people I found on this site who have been a lot of hot air. They painted a pretty picture and talked the talk. WATCH OUT! Before you bird dog for someone, always get an agreement, and if they don't come through,... say NEXT!
Since we are online, the other person can tell us anything they want. Just like dating sites or adults that tell kids online that they are also a kid, and to meet them somewhere. Its sad to say, but you can't trust someone just because they are a Graziosi family member. Get an agreement in writting and have your attorney or some one you trust look at it before you give away any info. Most of the people are really helpful and I appreciate them, but be smart.


My question is this..

I have seen the document agreement for 'BirdDogging' listed in the 'Forms and Docs' section of DG's resources that is conected with the "Seller".

But I can not see anything to do with the 'BirdDogging Agreement' that could be used with the "Buyer" end as you have mentioned in this post.

Do you possibly have something, or someplace, that you could reccomend where I might possibly find such a document for my own use?

Thank you and have a blessed week,
Theo Tully


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Just stopping by your DG guest page to say hello. Looking forward to hearing more about your insight, stories, progress and future real estate deals. Carpe Diem! :0) - Stacey

Looking from under my rock

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It's been a few years since I have blogged here. Since then I have written and published a few self help books, we moved to that ranch I talked about. We thought we would take off work for a year and it ended up being longer then we wanted. We went through a lot of money just paying the bills for this ranch, (my husbands inheritance) trying to make enough income the regular ways, and now I am looking from under my rock and wondering, what went wrong? Ya, we hit some road blocks in our investing. Was it the economy? partly. Was it moving to a new area and my husband changing careers? That didn't help. Was it that he chose Real Estate? You could say. You have heard the saying, "Out of the fire into the frying pan?" Well, from the building business to real estate, in 2010...? Was it stopping and giving up on property investing? yep, that too. Now what? Well the only time we have ever gotten really ahead is when someone has died, or property is involved. So,.... I am back and willing to look at what I may have missed when I gave up two years ago, and I am hoping there will be new information to make the game easier this time. Hopefully, I will find that support REI club west of L.A. Ca. area. (Already started looking and networking) It also seems that there is more info. being answered on Deans site. Or maybe I am just ready to hear it. Anyhow, here I go! My husband is not along on this journey, this time. I will have to prove to him it is possible.
I look forward to I hope I can do it, to I know I can do it, to I am doing it and I did it.

Having a coach

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I just started to read Deans book,"Totally Fulfilled." I read the first chapter and filled out all the answers to questions that get you thinking. I actually had a Ah ha moment. I say actually, because this is the stuff I teach, and write about in my own books. I give other people A HA moments in our equine assisted learning programs here at the ranch. But, I haven't had a coach in a very long time and you really need one to keep up with your life. Thank You Dean! I just realized, that one of the BIGGEST stumbling blocks I have had in three marriages is wanting my spouse to continue to approve of my choices, not make me wrong, and not make him set because of my choices. Which I can't do that! It's just like when I realized that I could not protect my children from every hurt, but I could be there to support them through it. So I think, I lose myself because I become attached at the hip, as the saying goes. I don't wan to rock the boat, which I do anyhow. Compromise is suppose to be a good thing? But maybe, when you compromise on everything, know body is happy? I just realized that just like with my father, I have been seeking Vic's approval and what I just realized is # 1 if I don't approve of myself, know one else will either, and # 2, I have to be true to myself and not care so much if others don't approve. No wonder I havent been able to make an income in the last few years. I have my path that I start and then I jump off that path when my husband disapproves. So I have so many different paths that I have jumped off, I am confused which one to get back onto. Is it the books that I write, the non profit, Healing Horses & Armed Forces, or the property investment path.? Q; Which one did I quite first? A: Property Investment, that was over two years ago. I learned something when I was in Landmark that reminds of this. They asked us to think of what we wanted to be when we grew up, and then when that changed and why? Then they asked us what else we had decided along the way and what made it change again. Hmmm, Same lesson 30 years later. I have some thinking to do! I know I had a coach when we still had a bit of money that said, "FIND THE FASTEST WAY TO THE MONEY" I love the whole thinking part about property investing. It's in my blood! The money I can make can help me with all those other parts of my life that I am working on. I GOT TO MAKE THIS WORK, I'M GONNA MAKE THIS HAPPEN! and I don't care if my husband does not approve. He sure will when I get there, and then I will decide what I want to do.

Now What? With just a little cash?

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I bought a huge ranch property with no money down in 2009. I studied everything Dean taught and now it is for sale and my husband and I are going to split so I will only have about 200,000 to rebuild my life at age 60. I have been out of investing for years and I need to make this money work for me and I need to find a new place to live. Im thinking I will move to the Paso Robles area of CA. to be closer to family. Does anyone have a house or ranch property with a mother n laws quarters to lease to sell? Or, a smaller house with horse property? I need to get back in the game as well. Im open to suggestions!

I have a buyer for your

I have a buyer for your house cash now call me 816-329-9866 maurice ross

Cash Buyers List

When i ask an agent for a cash buyers list for last 90 days, what would be a good answer for that?