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Hi Rick; Have been reading your journal and you're really going to town. I saw that you're in Missouri, and since I am in St. Louis, I thought that maybe I could pick your brain for this area. I need to get started soon, as my house is going in to foreclosure due to losing 2 jobs and loss of income. Since I am broke the buyer list seems the way to go for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thank you and have a very proporous new year. my email is oconnell.bonnie@ymail.com.


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I am sorry but I just saw your post on my profile page. I have been out of pocket for a few months this year due to an out of town temporary job that I took for a few months.

I got going again in August and have purchased 3 properties. I closed on the sale of the 1st one last Friday and put the other 2 on the market just today. Hopefully they will sell quickly.

I'm sorry about the foreclosure on your house. I hope that turned out to not be too bad of an experience for you.

I too got into real estate after I lost my job.

So anyway, if you're still out there, check out by journal at http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/35914/...

Merry Christmas