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Bergen County NJ
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I'm a single mom that's just trying to make more money to provide a better life for my son. Going to go full steam ahead, hopefully, to get some deals going to make some extra cash so that I can rebuild my credit. My ultimate goal is to have financial freedom within 3 years and have a real estate portfolio in the millions.

If you're in New Jersey, send me a PM. We can motivate each other.

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SULLY'S 2 cents

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o.k. listeeze here we go, look i know EXACTLY how you feel about you not getting any action from your advertising, How do i know?, because the same thing been happining to me!, So what do you do, right? well first you need to relax and focus,by the way, i actually am not to far from you, i live in PA near philly. As far as advertising keep posting your AD's on craigslist & backpage, it would help if i knew exactly what your AD say's, because that could be 1 of your problems.

SULLY'S 3 cents

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sorry, i had to go back to the PM for i frogot your other questions. Now, you can find HARD MONEY LENDERS that WILL give you a loan not based on your credit history, just google HARD MONEY LENDERS and start sifting through them to find one with that criteria. oh, and now for finding "REHABBERS", i know you posted AD's, frankly it's not enough, you are going to have to pick up a number of DIFFERENT LOCAL NEWSPAPERS- go to the classifieds section and look for "WE BUY HOUSES", "I WANT TO BUY YOUR HOUSE", AD's like these, now they will vary a little but call all of them, qualify the Investors- ask questions like "are they activley purchasing properties right now?", "what kind of projects they have worked on in the past?" and MOST IMPORTANT-"HOW QUICKLY CAN THEY CLOSE?" this is a very important question, based on how they answer this, you'll know if you have a serious buyer/investor or not, if they say "i guess i can close in a month", thats NOT your buyer. If they say "i can close in a week to week and a half tops" thats your buyer. If i missed anything else just ask me again(i froget easily Sticking out tongue ) YOUR HERO, SULLY.

My ads on craigslits

HI Sully,

Here is one of my ads that I posted on craigslist:

We sell distressed properties.

Are you an investor looking for properties?

Reply to this post with the area of interest (county and/or city),
what type of property you're looking for,
how much are you looking to invest,
what level of rehab are you comfortable with,
and your contact information.

We will respond to all serious inquiries.

Bergen County NJ

Sully, i'm in bergen county NJ,which is about 13 miles west of New York City. Real Estate here is not cheap by any means. A knock down property here can be anywhere from $300k to millions.

Now with the issues with home loans, banks are very cautious who they lend money to, and credit has to be really good. Mine is crap, but I'm working towards a goal to fix that. Hopefully this real estate stuff will somehow get me into a financially bright position.




Hi Donna:

I live in Englewood; I work and so does my fiance, but it just isn't enough. Especially her job. Would like to talk to you. Matthew

Looking forward to talking to you!


I live in edgewater

Hi Donna,

I just started reading Dean's book but have not finished. Am excited to get started. I frequently visit this website and have learned a ton. That's how I saw your posting and was happy to see someone from my area!

I would love to chat and see if we can help each other.

Looking fwd to hearing from you.


Bergen County

Hello Donna,
I used to live in Teaneck and I am very familiar with the area as I still have family there. Actually I have two hard money lenders in that area and looking for someone to work with because I have several properties that I am looking at. I'm working with a realtor who's expertise is in reos and foreclosures. If you are interested send me an email @ dollardent@****


Fort Lee NJ

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Hi, Rick
My name is Wening and I live in Fort Lee NJ. Can you please refer me to your realtor please. I have not found a good realtor that will work with me on contract assignment. Also, I can pass you some of my cash buyers if you like.
success and nothing less!!

Thank You,


Are you looking to buy?

Are you looking to buy properties?


Want To Join You!

Hi Donna! Yes. I want to do business with you. I live in Brooklyn, NY and I love to look at foreclosures and short sales that you know about. So let's both get started! Thank you.

intereted in working in NJ and NY

Hi Donna, haven't seen a recent post. Are you still working in Bergen County? I live in NY but only 15 minutes from Bergen.

I currently found several buyers that are looking for deals and now I'm working on deals.

If you're interested in working together or just give each other advice, send me a message.