Using The New Analysis Tool

Some people have mentioned they would like to see how others use the research tool ( We built the tool for anyone who looks at a house as an investment first - so that is us, or even just smart home buyers... but I will briefly share how I use some of the features to drill down.

We all look for flat out deals, but the small things can be important also. Consider this... are you renting? Perhaps a low income area? Then Walk-Score is really important to be able to commute by walking or bike for many people. Also, it is an all around good indication of convenience, how close every is for anyone, just not those without cars.

On the demos, are families with kids more apt to live there? If so, the schools information is one of the important factors parents weigh when buying a house. Having good schools that are both close and in their district are big selling points.

Renting it? Use the the rental rates to know what competition is charging. Try slashing your target rent price by 10 or 15% (so you have a great rental opportunity for people to flock to), then calculate your mortgage payment based on the price you are willing to offer for it + monthly est expenses. Does it cash flow the amount you want at that rent price? If so, it could be a great deal, if not, move on!

Maps... we have tons of mapping features for you. The built in map allows you (for most properties) to pan around the property. No more looking straight down, you can get a view from every angle to get a view of the exterior without being there. To pan around it, just click the letters on the compass ("N","S","E","W"). If you prefer large maps, or other provider's maps, just click the "Launch in X" links under mapping.

The list goes on, but these are some little things I know are helpful for me.

Go ahead and share the different ways you research, using this tool specifically or not. The more we know about how others research the more we can improve our tool to meet your needs.


My favor feature

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I love the comps feature on recent sales, it lets me know at a glance what has been selling, what hasn't and where to start my offers.
Looooooooooove it.


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Thank you for the additional guidance with this. Continued success..........Lubertha

i think this tool is

i think this tool is great!

but only if you live in non-rural areas. i live in a small town and couldn't find any evaluations on any properties that are in my area.

maybe i just need to move somewhere bigger...


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This tool is valuable in so many ways. We have, in one place, access to information we would have had to use several websites or a realtor to gather before. Some of us are still looking for a great realtor but this information makes gathering information much easier. I can't believe this is just the tip of the iceberg!


You have done it again! I pulled up a property I currently have a contract on and it was awsome.



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This tool is absolutly fantastic...being able to make sound decisions on properties from home, on one website is brilliant.
Dean...YOU ARE THE MAN !!!! Thanks to you, i can now save time and gas from having to run to the courthouse.
I can hardly imagine what could be next, but i'm sure it will be exciting.

Its great

This new tool is great i really don have to be looking for info in a bunch of websites. I can get alost everything in that new tool


Thank you Dean. Awesome! Am I able to pull up parcels on this site? (I know "give an inch") Just curious. Thanks again for your "blizzard". LOL

Love IT

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Dean I love it it's awesome...

Now as a newbie i should go get in real estate with more confidence Laughing out loud

Thanks Dean

Quick Question

Was anyone able to see the front of the property, and it's location adjacent to the others both on the right and left sides. Thanks.


The New Analysis Tool is awesome!

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How great is this! Each week we have received some wonderful information and now a tool we can put immediately into action! This helps to streamline our search of new areas and kind of is a "one stop" for a bunch of great information. Thanks for taking the time to build and share this tool with all of us. Continued success to all DG Members. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Dean Should Do a Video walk through of this tool to show then us how to use this program, the way an expert investor"(Dean Graziosi)" would use this to his advantage.

Man I'm so exacted, Thanks alot dean for helping us!

God Bless

Thanks Dean

Thanks Dean for the estimating tool.
I am already putting it to use.

I agree a video would be

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I agree a video would be very helpful. I am a newbie myself but i can see how POWERFUL a tool like this can be!


thanks Dean

Love the site. Very helpful to have that much info in one spot


Love it!

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Thanks Dean! this is a wonderful tool!!


Thanks for

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Filling us in futher on the new tool!

Amazing - What A Huge Time Saver !

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Very useful because of the amount of info it provides at the Click of One Button. Wow - For anyone brand new - This site really is Extremely Valuable and A Huge Time Saver.

I've had to go through a lot of bookmarking and a lot of websites to figure all the info provided - again at the click of a button that Dean has provided.

The research provided will allow you to get a good start at "Preparing Good Quality/Justified Offers"

The site get's my 2 Thumbs Way Up!! Thank you again Dean and His Staff.

What's even more amazing is that this is just one tab function of the all new DG presents:


Take Care Be Bles$ed - Thanks Again Dean & Friends

Awesome tool !!!

I just love this new feature. This really helps me when I make offers.... Thanks Dean !


Awesome Tool

Thank You Dean. My husband and I are still new to your program Dean but with what I have already learned I can see what a huge and amazing tool this is. It did lock up on me a couple times but that happens with beta version's. The program is as awesome as it's creator. For my husband and I Dean you are a life saver and this to will only increase our ability to not only learn but help us invest and find deals faster.
Thank you so much Dean and God Bless You, Michele & Bob Shultz

a definite time saver and in

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a definite time saver and in depth analytical tool

Great tool

Thank You Dean this is another great tool it will be a good time saver for all of us.


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This came at a very opportune time for me. I am going to be looking at a property in Tulsa Oklahoma next week and I have no specific realtor down there (looking with the listing agent). So, from 800 miles away, I was able to get not only a real view of the house and surrounding neighborhood, but find out what the comps and demographics are, and what I could expect to get for rent. This tool is going to be unbelievable as it continues to evolve. It's so amazing that Dean not only brings us new tools relevant to what we need, but asks for our direct input as to what we DO need. And, above all, gives it to us FREE??? What's up with that!


This great tool is going to

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This great tool is going to be so helpful, Thanks!

Some Ideas for one of the Greatest Tools

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Hey guys,

Do you think that it would be possible if The New Analysis Tool could have the ability to show real estate public records and research information portal for property information, deeds & mortgage copies, tax records, parcel maps and etc?

What Do you think?


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Wow dean, this is amazing! I am running reports on all of the offers that i have placed and i am thankfully surprised that i did my research and placed great offers! this is an amazing tool! YOU ARE THE MAN!


Very Powerful

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This is an incredible tool to have in our toolbelt. SO much information at the click of a mouse. I tested it on the properties I have done here in Jersey and the information was right on. I also echo Rinas comment - that it really gives us added buying power for areas we are not that familiar with. I cant even begin to express the gratitude I feel to Dean, Jason and everyone else who has worked so hard to bring us this amazing gift to help us all be more successful. You guys are truly the best!

What A Site!!!

What an incredible webstie with pricless information!!!!!!

I love everything about it!!! especially the comps!!!

Dean, Thank you sincerely.

Excellent tool!

Thanks again Dean! I cannot believe that massive amount of free resources. This one might take the cake.

I can't wait to see what else is in store during the Blitz! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins


love the help your giving us cant wait till its fully launched Dean please keep it comin the only thing that could really top this would be free admisson to your success academy i would love to join it just cant afford it now again