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Im a very persistent mother of two beautiful girls. I live in NYC and a new comer to RE. Im destin to make it.

GOD, My daughters and family. ps complete strangers.

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Mom, CHHA, Life insurance agent
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listen, the "NICE" house that you saw with the listing sign in the front yard, FROGET IT, If you want to be a Successful RE Investor, you'll need to start looking in the right places, you know whats beautiful to me? A property that has dryied flaky paint falling off the exterior of the property, Tall grass in the yard(a yard that hasn't been mowed in a month or 2) windows that are 30 years old, etc. their the type of houses that are worth writing the number down, and if it dosen't have a sign in the yard, that could be even better! If you need anything else just let me know, YOUR HERO, SULLY.

u looking

unlike other people you can find good deals with for sale signs in front yards it all depends on how tough a dealer you are, one persons bad luck is anothers good fortune, I am working on closing a 79 unit apt complex in cincinnati ohio, after all bills it takes in over 200k a yr and i found it on line with a assumable mtge, it can happen please feel free to contact if you need any help frank