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Aleta DeMarco
Live Oak, Suwannee County, North Central Florida
About Me: 

Licensed real estate agent in Florida since 1982, appraiser since 2002. Specialized in High end properties, development, foreclosures and equestrian property in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade. In North Central Florida handled mostly agricultural farms, ranches and land from Gainesville to Tallahassee.

Extensive charity fundraiser and volunteer including American Red Cross Swimming Instructor, Junior Achievement Sponsor, National Association of Female Executives, Boca Raton Junior League, Miami-Metro Zoo, Board of Directors for the Mailman Center for Child Development/Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital, numerous equine associations.

Attended numerous self improvement courses and training courses for business and personal life including motivational speakers as Tony Robbins,Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, Zig Zeigler, Hobbs Herder Marketing, real estate Sweat Hogs, Brian Tracy,Suzi Ormon, and more. Also was a Graduate instructor for Dale Carnegie Courses.

Active professional in the equine industry as breeder/trainer/instructor/competition producing champion horses and riders at all levels. Imported /exported major Champion horses through my Palm Beach farm of 110 head of Arabians.

Looking to make new friends moving in the same upward direction on the path to building a new future for myself. When two or more minds are n agreement there is a dynamic synergy that impels them to a greater level. It has been proven scientifically you become most like the 5 people you spend the most time with. I hope to continue to reach upward and help my friends with a hand up! Looking forward to working with you all - SOON!
God Bless!

Love sharing my passion for horses and believe as Ben Franklin did "The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse". Enjoy swimming, tennis, boating, reading, ballroom dancing. Background in classical music and enjoy good theatre and music performances.

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Welcome Aleta

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I am dropping by to welcome you and to wish you well with your real estate dealings. I know you will find lots of helpful information here on Deans board. You will meet lots of good people here that can help you with any questions you may have.

Welcome Gifts!

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Welcome Gifts!

Click on the Links in my Profile and download the attachment files within the posts.

There are some great downloadable resources here for you to use.

Don't forget to finish your profile, upload a picture, tell us some great stuff about yourself, add your location because you never know when someone may want to partner with you!
MOST OF ALL......Have Fun!

May You have Great Success on your Journey!


Oh My - I just now found your kind post from 8/19 !!

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Sissy- I am so embarrassed! I never scrolled down the page! There is so much to see on this site - I forget to retrace my steps!

How thoughtful and kind of you to take your time to welcome us! I have been reading your posts- sifting through who is knowledgeable. I enjoy your information and look forward to meeting you and hopefully- working with you on something! I am in this for the long haul and will make it. Have nowhere to go but back up from here! Have the skills and knowledge- have to readjust my thinking to working for myself- not everyone else- LOL!

Thank you again- God Bless!
Aleta DeMarco

WOW! What talent - and humor to boot!

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Your work is a treat and MUCH appreciated! Have to tell you how delightful it is to find people traveling the same path at their own pace willing to extend a hand to others! I am enjoying this site so much I have to be careful I get work done! Tons of talent and great information - think you are top of the list with your generosity. Appreciate you taking time to visit my site and welcome me! Looking forward to meeting you in person. BTW - my kids all have 4 paws or hooves - 13- all want to be fed! LOL
God Bless-