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About as far west as you can get in Bush Alaska across the International Dateline. :)
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Recently joined the ranks of the nations unemployed. Had been working for a small city government on several alternative energy grant projects. Due to other governmental delays (putting it lightly) was down-sized since there wouldn't be any construction to manage this year. Prior to that had been a self-employed residential mortgage broker primarily working with clients that had been declined by larger, traditional, banking instiutions and even other mortgage brokerage houses. Heart attack in 2007 put me out and returned to work as the financial market came to a halt due to the world melt down. It has occurred to me that after serving my clients for the past thirty years that I needed to switch sides and become the investor for my own account.

Getting it right the second time around; sharing/networking with like minded people; hiking, camping, fishing, relaxing.

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Dean's student in transition; part-time commercial mortgage broker; recent card carrying unemployed
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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