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Congratualtions for being part of the DG website community. I just wanted to stop by your guestbook and wish you good luck with real estate investing. Each day continue to increase your knowledge with real estate and before long good things will happen. Go for it, you can do it! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe (Indiana-Joe)


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Heard about your first deal. Tight Work! I would really like to pick @ your brain and find out in detail how you succeeded without any of your money buying from the banks? All insight is well appreciated. Thanks...

You Inspire Me!

I'm in nearly the same situation (unemployed) and new, and while I am taking action, I have felt so now you have inspired me to "keep on keepin on" and have faith. You are sharing a great story, and I have to re-read it again, frankly. You're a miracle. Thanks so very much for sharing this with us!


Good Job! May I ask how You did it?

Hey Good Job!

I am new at this too, and would like to know if how you did your first deal with the banks. I really would like to get to know you here and maybe learn from each other. I have read 3/4 of my book, I have not been well, so I have not been able to continue lately, I am much better now, and getting even better each day. Sometimes life throws you a loop, but I don't give up. I am really wanting to learn how to do this for myself, so I can start making residual money from my deals. IF you could help me along my way to Success while you make yours, I would deeply appreciate working with you here. Thank you Virginia Davis

I'd like to pick your brain?

I am just starting the lessons. Do you know what lessons talk about where and how to find the best deals on property for sale theyhave been talking about building my buyers list and things of that sort. Thanks Justin Armitage

First deal

Hey Bill , how did you develop the confidence to go out and make your first deal. and how did you you know which properties to look for