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Nelson... Peace of Mind Property Solutions, LLC.
About Me: 

I'm a determine individual that isn't scared to take on new challenges. Currently doing Handyman services, self employed, and very knowledgeable in the construction field. I'm also a Loan officer for a mortgage company. It was hard growing up in the ghetto streets of New York, broke, filled with negativity. I always prepared myself for disappointment and frustration. I thank GOD for making me a persistent person. It helps me bounce back even more determined to succeed. Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before, how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever...

Music and making money with real estate...

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Handyman, Loan Officer, Jack of many trades...
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One


Words of encouragement

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Thanks for the words of encouragement. You still in NY?

Hi there....

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In what part of Florida are you?
I have friens in Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton....

Alex Rubio from Houston

New to REI

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Hello Nelson...

Just wondering how often you have group meetings?


Central Florida

Hi Nelson

How far west are you interested in. I am a Realtor and Property Manager in Tampa Bay that would welcome anyone that is interested in L-Ops and flips in this area to work as a partner.

Dave Kushner





Hi Nelson,

I just joined the Orlando DG family and see ppl posted question about how often you will host our group meeting. but i still couldn't find any reply in regard this question. Could you kindly post that again with time and location? Thanks.

Orlando REI

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I'm looking to partner up with some other local DG family REI's to help develope experience and possibly work some deals together. Send me a PM if interested...

Bobby Wert
Creative Properties Group, Inc.


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Ya the best! Tell me and I forget; show me and I remember; involve me and I understand.


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Hello everyone, this is Nelson, and i have to say wow with two thumbs up to all those individuals who join the Orlando Group. Just want to say thank you for showing an interest and passion for real estate investing. I've been very busy taking care of rehabbing houses for clients and been away from my own passion, which is real estate investing itself. I currently own 3 businesses and find it a little overwhelming sometimes to juggle all 3. I'm a go getter and my motivation is my Kids... Love to network with anyone who looking to network with me. my contact is on my page if you need it. Have a great day!

New to REI

Hi Nelson

I am brand new to the rei business and am looking for a group to team up with here in the Orlando area. I am very motivated and looking forward to getting started immediately. I am really interested in doing some assignments. I also want to learn more about the construction end of the business and flipping properties. I was an electrician in the Navy and I am the Handyman for everyone in my family. If you could please give me a call @(407)591-9739. Thanks

Orlando group

Hi Nelson, I just found this page and was so glad to see Orlando area people getting a group together. I am in Sanford and so want to get started. I am putting my ducks in a row getting what I need but a support group will get us ALL going. Let me know when and where you meet and if you would like to give me your phone #, I would love to call you. Louise

Nelson's REI club

Hi Nelson,
Not sure how to contact to get into this group in central Florida,. Am posting to everyone I see. I can be reached at 407-321-9724. PLease give me a ring (not for my finger) so I can
join. Would love to hook up with a bunch of like minded people. TAke care and remember (POP The Power of
Pegasus)....Smiling Louise

I too, want to join Orlando group/

Been trying to contact people about this Orlando group.
Would you kindly give me a call 407-321-9724. I don't
know where to start looking so I am messaging everyone on this page with my phone #. Want to get going......
Thanks Louise

Are you ready?

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Hey Nelson,

My name is John Cornwall,(Clint). I may possibly have a VERY HIGH END property coming available on the southwest portion of Florida (OCEAN FRONT, BEACH PROPERTY)!
If so, just wanting to know if you, or someone you may know, would be in a postion to work a deal? Anywhere between 1 & 2 MIL.

John Cornwall
SFI Enterprises Inc.

Hola Buenos Dias/ Hello everyone

I am very new to this but I am desperately eager to get started with a networking group here in Central florida. I am originally from NYC & have been here 4 yrs and want some guidance and support. I work full time and want to partner with my daughters to get this moving. I can be reached @ 321-972-8687. Please let me know when & where your next networking event will be so that I can participate. If not then please contact me as I would like to have someone I can network with that is doing what I want to do!
Peace & much success.

I'm So Busy!

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Hello everyone this is Nelson better known as NJFJ. I've been very busy creating other businesses that bring me residual income on a monthly bases, that I haven't had the time to get on this site and build with all of you. Want to say Sorry for that. But I've been threw some major accidents in my Home Improvement company that I had to find a way out of my business but still being able to be a provider for my family. Don't get me wrong, I love real estate investing but it takes a lot out of you when doing all the foot work yourself. I work smarter not harder anymore plus I make a healthy income monthly, from Home! I will keep all of you informed as to how I do it, and how I can personally help you do the same. With this monthly income that I can help you generate, you'll are able to invest into real estate with your own money! I will keep you informed, look for my next message or contact me directly threw email. Love ya all,wish ya the best!

Real Estate - Space Coast Area-Central Florida

I am fairly new to the Real Estate investment programs. I have purchased and then sold 3-4 various homes that I have lived in with my family. I would now like to start working on projects that are not intended to be the home we are living in. I live in Central Florida (about 15 miles West of Melbourne). We purchased a home in Dec 2009 (Palm Bay), did the fix-up and have flipped it into a profitable rent to own deal. Now looking to move forward being the finder and pass some good bargains to other cash investors. Hoping to become acquainted with others so we can share ideas and experiences.

REI Clubs

Hello!!! There i am just got my Book and i would like to Know how often you get together on the club and the hrs also where. Would you please give the locations, Adress. Thank you..... Jaime

Jaime, Just got to reading

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Just got to reading the blogs,it sounds like Nelson did not push through with the REI group,I am just glad to know there are DG memebers out there. I have few investment properties there but I live in South Florida,so I usually drive total of seven hours everytime something catches my attention.
Good Luck to all of us

orlando group/please help me!

im intrusted in being a part of your team in orlando fl that is where im located. b8ut cna u please give me some answers if you can.

please i need some help, im in the worst situation, i have no money and no car, just a computer and all the time in the world can i still make money with dean's program? and can i make it soon and fast because i really need this to turn my life back on the good side for once. please any help you can give me on making a first deal to get my back on my feel a little bit would mean the world to me.

What? Excuse you Jamie...

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Please keep my name out of your mouth Jamie if you do not have any positive thing to say. Real estate investing is the topic here, not me! I have helped many people in my REI Group by answering many questions and guiding people in the right direction. If you need my help I will be more than happy to help you, but don't go mentioning my name like I failed you. Many people probably like yourself couldn't even start to do what I do and walk in my shoes. I'm not here to critic you, so please keep your comments to yourself if it about someone else. We are here to build on a positive energy level with each other, so keep the negativity to yourself. I know your parents taught you better than that, and what's sad is your a grown ass woman, you should know better. Did you think you were going to get brownie points for your comment? It is better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and resolve all doubt.One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say. Good Night!

Lets Make It Happen

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im an investor in the palm beach county area.im interest in working with you. Inbox me your email, and let talk. I got some properties that just came in as well.