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Kevin Chism
Frankfort, KY
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I am a divorced father of 4 grown children and own and operate a cleaning business with my fiance. I am a former real estate agent and hair stylist. I also like to pro-wrestle, I do that as a hobby to stay in shape, going on 18 years!

Wrestling, REI, running my business

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Owner operator of a cleaning business
Have Child(ren)
In College
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san. lease

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Kevin; Can you explain how a sandwich lease works. Can it be done with little or no money & a seller that wants to walk away? who then owns the property till the lease option tenant qualifies for their loan?


sandwich lease

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Basically, It works the same as a lease option, It can be done with no money, you find a buyer/lessee that is willing to give a down payment. What I did and I haven't finalized the deal yet, until I meet with the owner Monday. You basically own the property, on DG site there is a form for lease option. As far as I understand, it has a place for the seller to produce a title, I don't know right off hand what it is called. If the seller wants to walk away, you own the property as long as mortgage payments are made. I used to sell real estate and have never done one of these, but I'm learning as I go. My seller still has a mort. on the property and wants to sell, but, hasn't been able to do so for almost 4 years. That is why he is flexible. I hope this helps some. if you find anything out I can use or need to know please mail me. Thanks, KEvin

Hello my name is Flo. First

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Hello my name is Flo. First off congrats on your first deal and second how did you do it I have found my first property and it is a for sale by owner and the seller is motivated. Am interested on how you got your first deal done and did you use a real estate agent.


Congrat's on your first deal

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Hey i read your post about your first deal and how by being new you sort of had hesitation on taking action but you took the leap of faith and good things happened just wanted to say i have had dean's material for about 3 weeks and your post has inspired me to take my leap of faith even though i have been reading the material and looking at the videos i have not took action yet I'm ready now my family is depending on me thank's!!!


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I am glad I could be somewhat of an inspiration to you.much success to you and best wishes. We are here for you if you need us.. !

good job..i c u doing 1-2 deals a month

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im still waiting on my new book 2 get going..boy im i proud of u guys.i will let u know how my first deal go when it go down within 21 days

its not hard at all

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u dont need a agent u just need the right contract and a buyer..or u can keep it u have deans 2 latiest books.its all in ther how 2 get the deals done.if u find or have a buyer u have a deal and get paid a referral fee

Kevin that great work you or

Kevin that great work you or doinig keep it going let no one stop you.from:Adrianne Oliver 10:04 10-3-2010 Thank you for inf.


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Hey Kevin new to this and do you have any pointers for me? I appreciate it .God bless. Dazzmann4647


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Sorry for the delay, been out of commission for a while, but am getting ready to crank it up again.. let me know If I can be of help..