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Brenda Boyd
Snohomish, Washington
About Me: 

I am an "ALL IN" kind of person. For this reason, it has been difficult for me to decide that I was ready to jump!

But I'm ready now. And I'm excited. Smiling

I love this beautiful area we live in. We are about 30 minutes out of Seattle so we get the country life with access to the big city any time we want it. Smiling

Our concern for our children's futures (the cost of housing is terrifying, not to mention the future of our Country financially) is the driving force behind our desire to do well in Real Estate. We'd love to teach them how to do the same thing if we can get to a point where we feel confident enough to share!

When we focus on ourselves it makes us see the things we wish were different or want to improve. When we focus on others we can forget about ourselves and make a difference. I'd like to make a difference!

Family, Singing, Gardening, Waterskiing, Going to our cabin, Hosting parties (having fun), Being a grandma!

Basic Info

Real Estate Investor, Mother of 10, Grandmother of 2 1/2, Bookkeeper for our Roofing Company
Have Child(ren)
Some College

Sites I Visit

Mainly Just This One


All in!

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Hi everyone!
I am finally jumping in to this fabulous Real Estate world! I have decided I just need to put all of my excuses behind me and go for it. Smiling
I was SO inspired by all of the amazing speakers we heard at The Edge Event last weekend! I was also inspired by all of the rest of you Real Estate Investors who were there as attendees with my husband Lonnie and I. We are excited to get going!
I am going to rewrite my bandit signs right now and go put them out tonight. That is my commitment for today.
I look forward to learning how this site works. Please feel free to send any advice you feel I need. Smiling
Take care!


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Good luck with real estate investing. Do one thing each day and you will find success. You can do it! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey