Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #286 - Secrets from the EDGE (LIVE)

Dean comes to you live from his EDGE event in Scottsdale, AZ to share secrets he knows you simply can’t miss…

Secrets so powerful that he's going to do a live web cast this Thursday May 1st -

Register now and set an alarm. This information is time sensitive and may be that one thing needed to do your first deal and allow you to go faster.

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Halleluja praise the lord

I was already bummed about not being there and then yesterday someone told me to go get a real job. There is no security in a regular job. I like being my own boss. I really hope that this is going to be a long live cast. Thank you and I can hardly wait to hear all the great info and tips. Awesome and I will be there next year for sure. This is my year to turn things around and get out of my self imprisonment.

Amen to that!

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Can't wait to go next year, this is the second edge I've missed and it's not happening again! I'm going next year no matter what!

Love it !

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Love it I can not wait until Thursday. ..


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It's been an Amazing event...truly Amazing! My biggest take away is finding your path (what works for you) and work it, work it, work it. And when you're done working it, work it some more!

best take away

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My best take home message at this Edge event was: Just do it - DO IT. And also make a Not to do list. Whatever you just keep making offers! I can do it!
Love this amazing community!

best take away

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Liquidity. Amazing information that will take me to the next level. So good to be here getting recharged. Thanks Dean.

The Edge Event

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Wow the energy is soo amazing just listening to you on video can't wait to see what's in store on Thursday!!! Thanks Dean!

another take away

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Never make a permanent decision for a temporary problem. Wholesale for cash and then you can write a check to make the problem go away. And then do it again and again. And when you are done, do it again, and then some more.

Focus on progress

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Great idea to focus on progress. Can't wait too watch the edge! Thought it would be on the dgie sight again this year;) Hope its available soon Thanks a million for all you do Dean to educate/motivate us!

The Edge Event

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Can't wait for the Live Cast on Thursday!!!

Thank you! Great to watch

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Thank you! Great to watch the EDGE. Can't wait to see the hightlights and replay again.

First EDGE

I was excited just to be here, I have wanted to come to the edge for several years. the net working will lead to accomplishment. It was awesome ! and I registered for next year!

Thank you

It was great to see the live real estate discussion with some very enthusiastic participants. The shared information is very much appreciated.



My Top Takeaways

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The Edge Event was great this year! Just the boost I needed! My top takeaways:

1. Make every day count.
2. Just do it!
3. Surround yourself with the people who believe in your dreams. Don't listen to the nay sayers...use that negativity as juice to prove 'em wrong!
4. My business is 100% my responsibility.
5. You should know what the next 90 days of your business looks like.

Thanks to all of the speakers. Andrea and Jen particularly encouraged my heart!

Arizona was Hottt this weekend with Dean at The Edge!

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Best weekend ever in Sunny Scottsdale Arizona with Dean and his crew!
I was reminded that I am not good at EVERYTHING, but I am REALLY GOOD at SOME things. I am going to stop spending so much time beating myself up about what I am not good at and instead spend that time doing more of what I am good at! The Edge was just what I needed to motivate me to take my Real Estate Investing to a whole new level!



My greatest takeaway was finally knowing my why! I had felt every time before that I was kidding myself, pretending that I had, but it didn't seem real. As Dean was speaking Saturday morning, it came clear in a flash & it did make me cry.

Top Takeaways

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As always, the Edge seems to help re-kindle my why. It was great being there again this year with my two children--both of whom are planning to do more in real estate this coming year. One of our big family goals is to speak at the Edge next year.

1. A reminder to focus on what my why is for doing real estate.
2. To use the prop trend software and the top buyers in a particular zip code feature. (Thanks Ali!)
3. Don't be afraid to go after those Big Cash people like doctors, dentists, etc. who have lots of money but no time.

Thanks again Dean for using the gifts God has given you to impact so many lives. You are a blessing!

Donna Brown

My Top Takeaways

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How can you list only 1 or 2 takeaways from the Edge event this weekend? Ali’s 7 step system was awesome; Nate’s A to Z steps for full service wholesaling was unbelievably detailed; Matt explained the importance of Liquidity; Blake covered necessary control mechanisms for remote wholesaling/buying… and I could go on and on.

The overall theme that made the biggest impact on me was the importance of your mindset. Be careful of the story you tell yourself because it becomes your reality! We have been conditioned to look for the negative and to retreat when things get hard. I learned that I have to ensure the story I tell myself does not allow me to retreat when things get hard! And in the words of Joe Jurek, “MAKE OFFERS EVERYDAY; NO MATTER WHAT!”

Thank you Dean and ALL of the speakers this weekend! Also, thank you fellow attendees! I am amazed at how you all made me feel during this event. I truly have 275 plus people who care about me and my success! I've never experienced anything quite like it!

Bo Senter

2014 Edge Event

WOW! What an awesome event! Even better than last year!! Eager investors, great information, applicable strategies, and awesome speakers- no one should miss this event again. I learned about a more efficient way of wholesaling, remote investing, about the necessity of liquidity, and logical steps to doing deals. Thank you Dean!! You and your staff were fantastic!

Linda Dubbs

The Edge Event

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My biggest take away is Focus on progress

EDGE Take aways

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I sit here now on the porch of my room at Firesky just in aw of the past few days. If anyone thinks Dean is not the real deal, they need to come to this event to see for themselves. If anyone thinks they can't do what Matt or Gena or Carol or Jen or any of the DG superstars are doing, they need to come to this event. If anyone thinks this is a sellathon or money grab, they need to come to this event. If anyone thinks the information shared is old or stale or yesterday's news, they need to COME TO THIS EVENT. I can tell you here and now, #1- as real as they come! #2- We ALL can do what Matt & Carol and Gena and Andrea and the rest have done and are doing. They've showed us what to do!! #3- The EDGE is far from a sellathon, it's an opportunity to advance and grow and learn and succeed with the BONUS of discounted fees. The information is worth well more than what we all pay for it.

What I took away from this year's EDGE was the knowledge of how to do investing right. That the change in my plan was the wrong change at this time ( which could have been a disaster to my business). But what I took away most was the knowledge that I have made a difference in other's lives by being here. That, to me, is the best take away!

Dean, I have just 2 words for you: THANK YOU!

Till next week,

Andy Sager
DG'S AndyS
CFIC & IE Member
2013 & 2014 EDGE Alumni Smiling

Edge 2014

First of all, Dean is awesome! He can get the best out of anybody regardless of age. The story about his daughter in that race is proof. The presenters did a great job! Two of the speakers showed so much passion and enthusiasm I didn't want them to stop, Joe J. and Gina H. They also gave valuable information. Matt of course always delivers without disappointment. Could go on and on about the Edge Event ...but I won't. You'll just have to see for yourself!

EDGE 2014 Take Aways

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Just arrived to our home in Southern California from attending the EDGE Event 2014 our very first and definitely not our last we already signed up for EDGE 2015!

My takeaways from the EDGE 2014 was a little bit from each and everyone of the speakers. But the one that really stuck and made me realize the most was the Testimonial from JEN GRAY! It honestly brought me to tears, but what am I saying she brought all of us to tears. She made me believe that we are all here for a purpose and that we all will succeed in this business we have all the tools and all the help from this Great Program! Thank You Dean and Family!

Frank Pacheco

P.S may everyone have a safe trip home whether it is just around the corner, to the East Coast, West Coast, or to the North of us in Canada.

Another take away

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Another take away for me this yearyear was something Dean said: "thinking about something can take years - doing something takes a second". So stop thinking and start doing!

The Edge

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Hello. I think it would be great if you could do more than one Edge event each year. If the people who attend want to keep it small and the people who attend fill up most of the seats for the next year, it would be great if other people could attend another one.


Thursday's LIVE CHAT

I will be anxiously waiting for this coming LIVE CHAT, I was not able to watch the EDGE at IE so this will be an awesome opportunity to see some of the important aspects of this event. Hopefully Dean will be having the complete EDGE at INSIDERS ELITE (good site as well as DG) for all the ones that do not belong right now try to make it over there. Have a BLESSED AND WONDERFUL week, and join us at IE.

And by the way I AGREE with betsymaher...

Have a great day.

Secrets from the EDGE (LIVE)

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Hi Dean,

Sounds like this year's Edge is packed with a lot of helpful information again......Smiling

When there are things even You didn't know,and just learned.....All I can say is Whoa.....Eye-wink


Thanks Dean

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It is real good to see the thread full of excited people. I remember how excited Veronica and I were to be at the Edge when we went in 2011.

Thanks Dean for all that you do for your students.

Steve and Veronica.

Thank you Dean!!

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The speakers at the Edge 2014 rocked the DG house!!!

So many amazing takeaways; for me especially tips from Ali, Gena, Blake, and Matt that will help me with my remote investing... to mention a few from Ali:
1. It's about progress, not perfection
2. If you want to get rich slowly, stay in your backyard
3. Have a Not To Do list!
4. Everybody will fail; am I going to fail to succeed?

... and doing the Weekly blog with Dean???!!! I felt like how you described Matt when D. Trump put his hand on his shoulder! Smiling Smiling Smiling

Already got my ticket for Edge 2015!!!

Thee is always so much to

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There is always so much to learn. My and Dan, my sweetheart, biggest take away is that we need to wholesale like crazy!! We have the rental, doing the rehabs but we are terribly cash poor. We were given the direction we need to take action Andover forward NOW!!! We have to get our cash cow up and running. I can't say it enough this was an amazing weekend. The speakers were awesome. What a powerful life changing event!

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