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Brenda Weech-Kask
Small town USA Ephrata, Washington
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I am, once agian, a recently single mother who should only have one child at home. LOL I need go no further. I have recently lost my home and my business due to no fault of my own. Long story short...other half became addicted to the internet and all the YUCK that can go with it. Decided he wanted Russian women. He refinaced our home first to pay off HIS debts...then took out loans on my vehicle and got involved in an interent inheritance scam. Lost that money. But it affected my credit when the payment was not made in a timely manner. I found that out when I attempted to purchase a home last year. Anyway...he sense took out a personal loan for $5,000.00 using the house as collateral and then a month later took out a second mortage on our place for $20,000.00 I knew about none of this. He then flew to Russia for 3 weeks with all his funds lieing to me all the way. I choose to believe in him because we had been best friends for 30 years. As soon as he got back from Russia he filed bankrupcy and shortly there after moved out. Good thing is that my name was not on the title...bad thing about it is that I have lost everything I also invested in. MY BAD! You are never to old to learn! Super good things to come from this...I have rediscovered the strenght I forgot I had and an entire world of opportunities has opened up for me. Opportunities I would of never thought were possible. A new life and a new beginning. Just sad I will now be doing it without my best freind.

Okay...So now I am working full time at Wal-Mart stocking shelves on the graveyard shift. Not what I see myself doing for the rest of my life thank you! Although I am greatful to have the job. I have been self employed for almsot 15 years and this is a big change for me.

I am currently still in my home and the forclosure is coming up fast. It goes on the chopping block April 12th to be exact. But I just got an "occupancy" letter from HUD stating they may be takiin it over and if they do no one can be living here. I have 20 days to respond to this and give them a reason why I should stay LOL.

I doubt I stand a chance in **** in being able to aquire the place but I don't know if that is what I want to do. A lot of memories here. But it would mean I do not have to put the rest of my business in storage. I have major things going on in my life at this moment. Trying to go back to school for welding is one. I figure if nothing else it will play into my artistic side. I am looking into property management and possible HR as well. My daughter, her other half along with his two little boys and a baby on the way have had to move back in with me do to a serious work injury. Now I have them to worry about. My mother's health is declining fast and she may need in home care. That may be someone else I will need to become responsible for and to top it off my 16 yr. old son has run away and once located will be going into drug rehab for a perscription drug addiction casued from a doctor over perscribing him after a bike accident. WHAT A MESS!

Beleive me when I say I am motivated and I love this site. I bought DG's book a while back and it has become a great dust collector until recently. I will continue in my journal. I look forward to sharing with all of you and look forward to your input.

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