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Hello Winny

How's it going? Smiling

Hi, Angela!

How are you? You're one of the first people on this site to welcome me and encourage me as I am new in this REI. I've been studying and learning tremendous amount of information from online courses and posts on this site. Wow! Even I am overwhelmed and still not sure about a lot of things, I am trying to put in some offers and go to REI club, that's what I am working on right now. Glad to hear from you. Wish you a lot of great deal in the new year!

Foreclosure List

Being you are on line maybe you can help me since I can't get through to customer support. I just noticed I've been paying a monthly foreclosure listing fee and have no clue where to access this list.
Do you have a clue?


Didn't realise that you had sent me a message, it just popped up on "my account' I agree this can be overwhelming there is so much to absorb and I have stepped back a little to let it all sink in, I was on overload and all the info was slowing together and starting to get confusing. I see you online every now and again so I know that you are hanging in there. Good Luck I look forward to your first deal as much as I look forward to mine! Smiling

Hello? ...

Haven't seen you post lately. How is everything?