If you know of a local tax sales thats coming up, please post the info for it here, so that others may look into it also.

Lets help each other succeed.


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Los Angeles County

For anyone interested, Los Angeles County publishes a book of properties that are up for sale in LA County for past due taxes. You can oder the book from their website (Google LA COUNTY TAX ACCESSORS OFFICE) or you can buy it from office in person I think it is around 22.00

The actual tax sale is in February and there is a 5K deposit required to register for the sale.

Pass it on even if you are not interested, someone you know may be.



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Tax Sale

For those of you who are interested. Tax Sale tomorrow in Clifton,N.J. @ 2:00 pm. This will be my first time attending one. Has anyone attended and do you have to come with the funds right then and there or do they give you till the end of the day? I'll be back tomorrow with more info.

Hey, Kellie. Anita.

Thank you for sharing!
Can't wait to hear the report of how it goes. Ex-ci-ting!

Kellie, I didn't notice if you started a journal yet, but I would love to see you post your experience tomorrow and follow along with whatever comes of it! Smiling



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im having trouble getting

im having trouble getting started as far as finding investors that are willing to pay a finders fee

Contact the County...

I contacted the County Treasure's office and they put me on an email list to recieve notice of the tax sales which are usually in the spring. We don't have many in this neck of the woods but now I will know if they do! Smiling



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excellent idea Dawn

I just did that a few weeks ago myself and the emails are constantly coming


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Tax Liens Washington Atate

I do not know if anyone here is from Washington State. But if there is that is great. First I woudl love to chat wiht you. Second...if you happen to know anything abotu finding the information abotu tax lien sales in Washington State or better yet Central Washington that woudl be wonderful. Have a great day....Brenda

You can contact your County

You can contact your County Assessors office or the Clerk to find out any information regarding your state. One of those offices are responsible for sending out the property taxes. They will know the date of the auction, rather your state is a Tax Lien Cert. state or a Tax Deed state. Usually 45 days prior to auction, the courthouse will print a list of properties that are behind. About 60% will be satisfied before auction. You will want to drive by the properties to see the condition they are in.
Hope this helps.


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New to Tax Liens

Hey all,

That is a lot of great information and i hope you all are having success. If there is anyone in the california area that has any further information on tax properties and potential investors there in please let me know. I still new to this REi stuff and am tryign to gather as much information as possible before I take that first leap!!

Good luck to all of you!!


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Regarding New York City and Long Island.

Hi There!
I am very new to this, need some help to find tax leans properties in the above area.Where to begin can some one help?
Thank you

Tax lean on foreclosure

I am looking at a property that is in foreclosure and will be auctioned off soon. I checked the history of the property and discovered that there is a tax lien on the property. I am just learning about the whole tax lien thing. My question is, if the property goes to auction and I win the bid, I have to pay the amount of the auction plus the lien correct? Is it possible that the amount foreclosed on is the amount of the back taxes, and I would be paying that amount? I'm just not sure on this. Any help would be appreciated!

Upcoming Tax Sales

For anyone in Rhode Island, there is a tax sale for the town of Cumberland coming up April 23. I will be attending for the first time and ready to absorb and learn anything I can. Do I need available cash if I want to place a bid or are you allowed a set amount of time to get the funds? These could very well be my first purchases if the prices are low enough. I also plan on looking up exactly how much is due so I know if it is at all possible for me to make a deal with the funds I may have on hand, which is very limited. I live in this area and am very familiar with the locations and may even drive to peek at a few before the sale next week.


Go after

Tax deeds!It all depends between what state you are in!As far as the
home-owners right...To collect thier property!
Deed is the way to go.
If you like people owing you money...Then i say,Tax lien


I'm back

I meant to say Tax sale...In which you get the DEED!


Tax Liens in Georgia

In the great state of Georgia, there are Tax Liens that are posted in the local newspapers and via the County Assessors Office. There are even counties that will sell you their lists for a monthly subscription. These tax liens are usually sold at the court house steps of the county you are looking at and they normally require certified check/money orders within a designated time-frame (usually the same day). The actual tax lien "Sales" vary by county for a specific day(s) of the week, provided there are enough sales to solicit them to the public.

In my experience, I recommend that you take some time to physically look at the property you are interested in and do some due diligence by researching the property's Title and Deed records either at the tax assessors office or wherever they are housed. This will ensure that there are no issues regarding easements, access, other liens, etc...and that the solicited property is designated either residential or commercial use and not for recreational use, specifically for land tax liens only. I've already made this mistake) Sad

Also noteworthy is that you are entitled to the cost of your initial investment plus a fixed % fee in Georgia (other states have other rules). Once you purchase the tax lien, you are given a tax deed by the Tax Commissioners Office. However, please note that "you" are now on the hook for paying all upcoming taxes on the property until you are re-paid by the current owner, plus the fees. Contact the current owner and inquire if they are ready to pay you back. Then, get a certified check/money order and have them sign a Quick Claim deed which needs to be recorded with the Tax office and must be notarized and recorded in the county court. I usually include additional fees incurred as part of the reimbursement. In Georgia, if you are not paid back by the owner within one year, you can actually file for ownership through a series of notifications to the owner (offically served by the local Sheriff), local newspaper ad, etc...or, in Georgia, you can simply wait 5 years, and at that time, the property is legally yours and you will just need to file for the actual property title and have that recorded in the county records. Also, it is my understanding that if you purchase a tax lien, no other lien holders of that property can come after you to collect their monies...

I hope that some of this information helps those of you looking to start doing this or those of you who are already doing it...Good Luck!!! If any information is not correct, please post a reply...Thxs


I need to find auctions for homes in Massachusetts.

Rhode Island tax sale

Good day yes, you will need cash at all form of tax sales, to be on the safe side please have a cashiers check for 5000.00 for it is need in most cases. also I would like to give you a home repair company that has been in Business for 11 years and there price for great work can not be beat.. the company name is TNC Installs you can google them as well. the phone number is 14016440466 good meeting with you....

Tax Lien

I'm in Northern California does anybody have any information?


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