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Carl S.
Bremerton, Washington
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I've been checking into REI since 1996, but have allowed life to interfere in committing to learning and applying . . . until now. I'm involved in Deans Insider's Edge, and Insider's Financial group. I was on track to attend the Boots On The Ground training as well as the January 2013 IE event, but final financial backing to cover the rest that I could not, did not come to fruition. I wish they would allow contractual agreements to pay for such events out of the deals they claim to be able to facilitate. I have a bird-dog in the Texas panhandle feeding me properties of interest as well as my own investigating of properties here in the Kitsap Peninsula area of Washington state. I would most certainly welcome any buyers who visit this site to contact me and explore joining with me as a mutual resource.

Scuba diving.

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Retired Navy, now in residential concrete foundations.
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Mainly Just This One


Hi Carl. Hope you're doing

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Hi Carl. Hope you're doing well! We both live in Bremerton.