Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #210 - Checks Solve Problems

Have you given up on your dreams of success in real estate? Have you let life eat you up? Have you kicked your big "why" to the curb?

Well, if that's you...(and even if it isn't) this week of Thanksgiving, Dean has a message that you must take to heart. If you can cut a check to solve a problem, you don't have a problem. Find out what this means and how understanding it can help you change or save a life.

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Money is just a tool to fix the world's problems ...

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We're glad that your step-father is doing well & on his way to a complete recovery!
Cutting that check to help make those problems disappear is the primary perk of real estate investing,
it lets us focus on the truely important things in life.
Thanks Dean for always having us striving to do better.

"Money is the root of all evil"

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Please get this right!
Money is NOT the root of all evil.

"For the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil.
And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows."
1 Timothy 6:10

Checks Solve Problems

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Hi Dean,

So glad to hear your Step Dad is feeling better...and is now home resting......just in time for the holidays.....

I'm sure he doesn't have the words to thank you for all you have done.....

I wish You and Your family a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving......

I am Thankful for what I have......Smiling...not for what I wish I had......



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Dean, so glad your step-dad is on the road to recovery. I bet you felt so thankful that you were able to pay for his surgery, etc.

I can't wait until I can "cut a check" for things/events that might come up in the future!

Happy to hear your Step Dad is going better

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Hey Dean, this one kind of hit home for me. I think it's about time I get a little personal now being a member for 2 years. One check that I would love to write is one that would allow me to move to be with my girlfriend of 5 years. We have had a long distance relationship for that long. Being 2 hrs away is not too bad, but we should be together by now. What's the reason why we aren't? I need to write that check. I need to get some deals under my belt so that I can write that check. I am grateful for my job, but its time to move on. That would be the check that I would want to cut.

Thanks Dean again for all that you do. I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.


Your New Student

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Dean, you are a true blessing! I know your step father feel the same way. I'm also a step father and it's a special feeling when they show there love. I just come back from Boots on the Ground and I want to say thank you for making these programs.


Dean, glad to hear that your

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glad to hear that your step-dad is doing well, at home, and resting. What a relief that you were able to cut the check for him to get the help that he needed!

I would love to be able to cut a check to get all my family together in one place for the holidays!
That thought keeps me motivated to keep moving forward with rei every day; I have not stopped since I became a member of this family, and I know I'm getting closer every day!

Thank you for doing the Weekly Wisdoms, I really enjoy watching them every week! I hope you never get tired of doing them!



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I was hanging on your every word as you spoke of your step-dads progress and actually gave a "thumbs-up" sign when you said he was home and recovering.

I'm looking forward to cutting a check to address a family or friends need.


Blessed in Family

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Hello Dean,
I'm so happy your step-dad is home with your mom and doing better. You did have lots of prayers supporting you, which is beyond wonderful. Family is truly one of our greatest blessings. And - all of those we love and cherish - become family. The DGFam is truly special.
Glad you could write that check!
I love your transparency.

Cut a check

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I am happy to hear your stepfather is home and doing good. He is lucky you were able to cut your check and I am sure you know how lucky you are to have him a part of your life. Family, whether by birth or by marriage is one of life's greatest gifts. At times like these we are reminded how precious those people are to us. I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.
If I could cut that check right now first I would help my sister with her mortgage. She was struggling this year with the payments and then her daughter moved back in with her two young boys. She is trying her best to make it work both emotionally and financially. I wish I could help her. Second, I would cut a check to replace my car that was lost 3 weeks ago due to an accident. I am pushing forward in my REI as fast as I can so I can get my car replaced and help my sister. I think I found a temporary new why. Until I lost my car I didn't realize how important it was to me.

Your Step Dad and Family

I am so glad to know that your Step Dad, your Mother and You are back in the States, and that he is doing well.

I would like to cut a check to help family or friends in need.

Thank you for the Weekly Wisdom Blog, you are a blessing to all of us, not only, but IE, and Success Academy.

Thank you again for helping us go forward in our journey,



Great Thanks Giving thoughts, weekly blog 210

Hello Dean Graziosi,

Really enjoy your weekly blog # 210. Great to hear the impressive news about, Mr.Lenny ( your step- dad, fast recovery ) coming around. That was really a BIG CHECK you have cut!! Money, surely can solve some life changing problems. I am happy that the $100K never went to waste, good prayers and love works miracle all the time.

By the way, " Great Thanks Giving thoughts." Something we can all reflect on during this Thanksgiving Period. Thank you very Much.

Happy & Prosperous Thanksgiving season, you and your families.

Noel Powell.

I am so grateful for you Dean and this site

It means that I truly am a part of something bigger than myself and oh how I need it. It is Holiday time again and for me it can spell disaster and depression if I let it. That is one problem that I can not write a check for. Since I have lived alone for nearly three decades and do not have family to spend time with I would just as soon stay in bed and pull the covers up over my head. Being part of this site I have come to realize that I have this poverty mindset that inhibits me. I get depressed and stressed when I can not meet necessary expenses and things that I need like a set of new tires and car tuneup, computer tuneup too as it is running slow, new eyeglasses as I am over two years past due on updated prescription. Forget shopping and buying things I do not need. Be clear on one thing - I am not complaining and I know that I will have better days ahead. We better hope and pray that I find a way to make this REI take wings and fly. I do not want to live to regret it. Really, I have so much to be thankful for in spite of any hardships I may have. It's ironic. I was just thinking earlier today how I would love to have a week with Jen Gray. She has a way of putting things and is one smart young lady. I am grateful for the access to her postings.
Dean, I am glad Lenny is better and pray he continues back to good health.
May God richly bless every member of the DG family with good times this coming Thursday when they sit down to eat turkey with all the fixins.

Thank God your stepfather is

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Thank God your stepfather is doing a lot better Dean! Blessings. I am making sure that I do not miss out on this opportunity, my goal is to be as adamant to this real estate investing as you are with your weekly wisdom videos. thank you for your time and encouragement.


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I am so glad your stepfather is doing much better. You and you family were in our prayers. Thank you for the great message. This is why I will not give up in REI. I want it too bad.. I want to reach that point in my life to not only to provide financial freedom for my family, but to help others in need. These are the reasons I push forward. I know I will get there.
Thank you so much for your inspiration.

God Bless!

Family and Friends are all of our backbones

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So glad to hear your step dad is home! Being home is where the real healing can begin and is such a great place of comfort for all. My prayers are with him for a speedy recovery to full health.

It was great to meet you in person at the buying summit this weekend. I'm excited to keep taking action and now my goal priorities are clearer. What an amazing event, thank you!

So glad to hear

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I am so glad to hear that your step dad is doing better Smiling

I am a testimony to cutting a check and solving a problem. When I began to make money and pay off the very things that were holding me captive one at a time I began to see my life unfold, like seeing life for the first time. I was so stressed out over debt and so depressed over financial trouble that I never lived my life. Yea I went through the motions of every day life but I never really lived it.

Money did not buy my happiness, it just cleared out some of the junk that was in the way of finding it;

Great video!

Psalm 46:10

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Being able to cut a check can give us some obvious things that appears to give us solutions to our problems, but there is a better solution to any problem you might have. You can buy a plane ticket with money, but you can be in the presence of the one who owns the cattle on a thousand hills simply by praying, "God help me to be in your perfect will." Jesus said, "I am the way, truth, and the life. no one comes to the father any other way." Jesus died for your sins. All you have to do is ask for forgivness and commit to live by God's standards, and you will not only be protected and provided for in this world, but you can have eternal life with Him.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family & the DG Staff.

It is great to hear that Lenny (your stepdad) is on a recovery path. Many blessing to him and your family. This is a holiday for thanking the lord for the things we are blessed with and also keeping our dreams alive.. We all go thru hurdles in life, it is how we react and handle them to keep moving forward and giving thanks to all we have. So I would like to give thanks to everyone in the DG family and wish all of you a Happy and Safe holiday this weekend. Again thanks Dean for your wisdom and encouragement to keep on our goals and dreams, and moving forward.


You are such an outstanding guy, it shows in every video you post. You are full of love.
Wonderful news about your step-dad, I wish him a speedy recovery.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
In gratitude,
P.S. Thanks to you I am working on my very first deal. Smiling

Glad to hear he is doing well

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Having money is not the root of evil it is the love of it. And worshiping it.
And glad to hear that your parents are back home now and will have an awesome Thanksgiving, because you were there for them. They could not have made it without you. Smiling
You were a God sent for them.
Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving Smiling

Light at the end of the tunnel.

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I want to be able cut a check to help others and be out of bad debt. I had some health issues a couple of years ago and ended up in debt of about $100,000 and slowly digging my out. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. With your programs I'm buying homes now and putting in place a residual income so I don't have to ever feel that way again.
I hope everyone in your family will be together for Thanksgiving and your in our prayers.

Well said Dean!

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Money does buy peace of mind...It can mean improved health for you and your family. Something as simple as feeding your family organic foods & products that keep them thriving and healthy. It can give you the opportunity to give to your local community through $ or found time (that money has allowed you). Help family or friends going through tough times. Or strangers going through natural disasters. Any cause that is true to your hearts. Money AND a compassionate heart & mind can change the world!
Thanks for the great words. I'm happy to hear your step father is doing well on his way to a full recovery.
Thanks for bringing us together on your site to help even more those effected by Sandy.
You rock!
Angie Novigrod

Thanks Dean, very timely story during this season

Glad to here your Step Dad is recovering. Being able to cut a check was a lifesaver for his physical health. Being able to buzz down there on a moments notice went a long way to healing his emotional stress. Just being there with someone who is suffering goes a long way as well. Best of luck to you and all the DG family during this special holiday.

Happy to hear He is Well.

Dean , Im happy to hear your dad is back home with the family, I am happy for you !! I am so glad you were able to invest on his operation, blessings, blessings,money its not evil, its the LOVE of money and wrong choices the money is used for, its what makes it evil. I thank God for you !!I want to take this opportunitty to wish you and your family A Happy Thanksgiving !!Stay Happy , Healthy, Rich (Millionaire)!!!! Smiling

Grace and Peace to all of you!!

God is Good!

Glad to hear things are better for you and your family. Just one more thing to be grateful for! Have a very blessed Thanksgiving!


Dean I am so glad that your Stepfather

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is on the mend. Sending prayers for a continued full recovery for you all. You are blessed to be able to help your family and so many families after Sandy.

I agree that money can solve a lot of problems; I too would like to be secure and make a difference as you do.

I also agree this is a great family with really swell people that you can be proud of. Great weekly wisdom as usual. I come to this DG site daily, multiple times a day to get not only knowledge but a lift and inspiration. Thank you for this site! Tammy


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first and foremost congratulations regarding your step dad we're happy he's doing better.
second it's your generosity that kept him going.
whether you have faith or not obstacles are put in our way to overcome. to conquer. money is a wonderful thing used properly. money may not bring happiness, but it sure makes decisions easier. for all those who think money is evil, put theirselves in your mothers' shoes. what would she have done w/o that money? would they want to say goodbye to their loved one because of money? i think "NOT".
i can speak for my family when i say. it doesn't matter what the economy does, the economy in my home is going to be where "i can write a check".
keep moving forward, rob

Thank you

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During this week of Thanksgiving we list all the things we're thankful for, but I want to especially thank you for your vision, your diligence, and for caring so much about all your students. If it weren't for you, some of us wouldn't be able to be thankful for the things we have and the things we are able to do. God has put a special mission on your heart, and I thank Him for you.

I am also glad to hear that

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I am also glad to hear that your step-father is doing well and i will continue to life him and your family up in prayer. This is yet again another awesome blog that gives persepective. Too many people in today's culture believe the purpose of money and building wealth is to consume when it should be to GIVE. There has to be a purpose that is bigger than you! It should be for purposes that you named, to give to help those in need, like your step father, like those affected by Hurricane Sandy, for your kids to be able to go to college debt free, to give to charities that feed the hungry. When you do these things thats how true joy and fulfillment comes in life. True fulfillment DOES NOT come from how many cars you have and the size of your house. Nothing is wrong with having nice things, but you will never be fulfilled in life until you are a GIVER and helping others. Happy Thanksgiving Dean and to all the DG family!

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