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carmelo guzzardi
Springhill Florida
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I'm 40 years old and real tired of making other people rich.I've worked construction since i was 16 and i was in a car accident in 2008 that almost left me paralized. Going through that and also finding out last year my wife has stage 4 cancer i decided that i would need a career change.I have 2 Awesome teenage girls and i dont want them to fall in the same trap i did working for someone else.I've always a positive outlook which i try to instil in my kids.Positive outlook=positive things.

My interests and hobbies have always been my kids.Taking them to waterparks bowling movies ect.Now that their older they dont want to hang out with dad cause i'm boring they say so now my interests are getting books like deans to futher my knowledge reading is more like a hobby now since physical activity i cant do no more.I also spend alot of time with my wife.

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Welcome to the DG site. You will get a lot of valuable information here.

I recommend you use it wisely by reading as much as you possibly can.

Good luck.



I will read alot,and thank you for welcoming me.I know that one of these days in up coming months i will meet dean and i cant wait.


All that contruction knowlege is going to be very helpful in doing real estate
investing.My brother had stage 4 cancer and I was able to be the bone marrow donner last summer and at this time he is cancer free.

Welcome This is the place to

This is the place to go if you want to do real estate.
My brother also had stage 4 cancer I was the bone marrow donner and as of now he is cancer free been 1 year. It is amazing all that they can do now.
Stay positive and happy

FL Mobile Home Park

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Hi Carmelo,
Would you, or someone you know, be interested in a FL Mobile Home Park (pocket listing) that offers 91 MH sites, 36 RV sites, 16 rental cabins, multiple income streams: boat launch, laundry, liquor, food, boat rental, etc.. If so, the purchase price is $2,600,000. Market value is $3,500,000+/-. Net Annual cashflow is $575,913.60. A financial spreadsheet is available upon request.
This won't last long, so let me know ASAP.