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Castle Rock, Colorado
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I am a very motivated person with a never quit attitude that when I put my mind to something it gets done PERIOD!! I love helping people as I am a full time firefighter and I love being part of a team. My wife (Cherise) and I have a 1 year old daughter whom we love and adore. I will always put my family first and have a HUGE entrepreneurs mindset. Lets get this done!!!

I am doing this to make money and provide for my family, yes I want to be a millionaire by 25, that has been a goal since I started my other businesses when I was 19. Yes, I have bigger goals like invest in huge commercial apartment complexes and condo properties, yes I want to become a billionaire one day, BUT... I want to be one that is not snoby, keeps his money to himself, or tips 10%. I want to see a single mom who is walking to work because she cannot afford a car and go buy her one. I want to maybe buy out a loan for someone in trouble, I want to leave a $500 tip for someone that seems like they have a great head on their shoulder to help out, I want to sponser kids that are hungry, I want to volunteer my time to help others at a food bank or give a missionary their entire operating cost for a year... Point is just go out and make a difference no matter how small or large it is!

Love the outdoors and virtually any sport but most of all my familt is my main intrest!

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Hey Matt

Nice to see you joining the DG family. I am from the Springs and am also getting started. Can't wait to hear about your success!!


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Hi Matt - I am new here also and looking forward to
live my dream! I live in Littleton and hope to network with other DGs who live in CO.
Good Luck!


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Hello Matt,
I am soon moving to the Fort Collins area and would love to discuss some things with you.
How does that sound??

Please Help ME!!

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I am a driven person that have seen the world. I purchase this book to better my future. Therefore; I am so ready to know the next step Dean has for me to do, should I Post ads, check the website, and tell my network of friends, or post up signs around town. My question is: When I do this should I be doing more to generate more buyers, contacting sellers, and realtor groups at the same time. Help! The book gives me awsome tips instead of Detail steps, if I would like to do "No money down"?

I agree!

You have the right attitude. I agree with your convictions and everyone who puts people first will reap the rewards in the long run. People will know you for who you really are and trust doing business with you over and over again. Your reputation will hold value and bring you success while others who are greedy may reap a fast reward and loose business in the future as their reputation reveals who they really are....greedy! Good word bro!!!

God bless
Brian Balazsi


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love it. Thanks for posting it.

Beautiful Diamond there! :)

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I see you got your newest badge Smiling Congratulations on your own residence for you and your family! Keep up the great work and great attitude!


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Welcome to the DG site. You will get a lot of valuable information here.

I recommend you use it wisely by reading as much as you possibly can.

Good luck.



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Thanks! I actually just got my knowledge discovery pot of gold and my wings as well. Those little medals are awesome!! Karen, was that really for me or the other Matt that just started? LOL


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I was sending welcome notes and your name came up so I thought I would confuse you. Eye-wink

nice deal

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that deal in nice... do you need any parnters!!!!


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How's things going? Need anything toward your success? Let me know.


Hey Matt

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That is a beautiful mindset that you have! I was especially touched by your statements on how you would like to be able to help others; since I joined DG, I have been able to buy three rentals out os state, and provide homes for 3 single moms. It's very rewarding when you do make a difference in someone's life.

Wishing you great success,