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James Cook
Dexter Or.
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I am happy to be part of something so great. I am committed to succeeding in my REI life choice and helping others get there too. I am using every strategy I learn about and applying them to every deal that comes my way. I do expect to find what works in every deal and apply which ever strategy or combination thereof I can to put myself in a profitable position to control real estate. I am building what I believe to be a strong foundation to work from to get the ultimate reward. I have never been scared to work for what i want and I pride myself on my ability to do anything i set my mind to.

God,REI , Family, Friends,Riding my Harley,Hunting,Fishing,Camping,Enjoying life

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Full time REI
Have Child(ren)
Some College
In a Relationship

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Mainly Just This One



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I've seen some of your posts on here and decided to send you a welcome post. So, here it is lol. Welcome to the DG family! You sound like you're doing great so early in the game. Very inspiring Smiling Take care.

Thank You

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smurfy thanks for your post. I am happy to be here on this site what a wealth of information and support. I could not have come so far without all of this. It is an honor to be welcomed in to the DG family.

Congrats on closing

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your FIRST deal! Now, you will find it is so addicting! Sticking out tongue If you ever need help with getting tenants that will not be a headache, aside from all the posts on here, I'd be glad to help you. Way to go kick some REI butt! Laughing out loud


Hello. My name is Erica am really neew to this website as well the industry. I have read alot of information and have no clue how to start. Can u please give some direction?