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Kern County, California
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Hello, DG family!! I'm so glad to be part of. When I found this page I was so hiped because i now had a support group.


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Full Time REI Investor+++.
No Children
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Taking action

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Taking action equals results. I bought Dean's book and have enroll into his academy and of course become a new member of this site! I'm new at investing with real estate and need encouragement and support.

Taking Action!!!

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And here's where you will find the support you will need along this life changing journey! I am new to this also as far as investing and look forward to changing my life. Congratulation on signing uo for the academy. I am working towards the funds to do so. Hopefully when I complete this job I am working on. It will put me at an advantage to experience the support system I hear is fantastic. Even thogh I am just getting started. The amount that I have learned in less than 30 days, is unbelievable! Keep positive and focused on your goals. Much success to you......Lubertha

Hey neighbor!

Hi Patricia,

A fellow Bakersfieldian! I was searching through CraigsList last night and found one of your ads. It looked very familiar, so I thought I'd check the members here for a neighbor!

I ordered Dean's books last week, but I've been all over this website for a couple of weeks just trying to get back into the game. I gave REI a shot back in 2004, but the program I used wasn't all that honest, so I set it aside.

By the way, my name is Adam, and I'm hoping that Bakersfield will give us both great success! If you want to get together, start a team, do meetups or anything just let me know. I'm just getting things off the ground on my end, but I'm excited to see what happens!

p.s. I just found you on FaceBook so I sent you a friend request. Hope you don't mind!



Can someone tell me how to draw up a proposal and or where to find the form on DG site?



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I don't know what exactly are you looking for but here is a link that minght help you.

If you can't open it is to the left of the screan under student resources Forms and Docs.

Hi Patricia

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I wanted to see your website. I got here and clicked on your link above and it said website not found??
Better look into it.


Hi Patricia

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Just wanted to say hi & stay in touch on your progress...

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.


How you doing


hi how are you?

Got your pm

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I will contact you shortly....Stay motivated!!