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I'm a 37 years young husband of 5 children wonderful children(4 boys & 1 girl). All which keep me on my toes. I am currently 2 years into my 2nd marriage to a wonderful,awesome woman. I am the Associate Pastor of my church (which my father runs). I've always had an interest in RE, but never followed through with it. I was always comfortable with security of having a job. Then, as life would have it, I was laid off from my job after 5 years of service in Dec of 2011. Took some time off to see if I wanted to do this (REI) seriously. Played around with it for 2 years, seeing it as a "hobby" and not a business. Thus I'm at a job that I enjoy, but don't love. With that said, I've been involved with Dean's products for a while now. I had started reading some of his books and materials back in 2009/2010. Went through the S.A. Did a 3 day event, and still saw REI as a "hobby". To make a long story short, I decided to get IN the game and stop warming the bench. I want freedom and security for others, but I can't get that if I don't have it for myself.

"The thief comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy. I (Jesus)came that they may HAVE AND ENJOY LIFE, and have it in ABUNDANCE, to the FULL, till it OVERFLOWS." - Jn 10:10(amp)

Singing, all kinds of sports, traveling

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Hi Corey

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Just wanted to stop by and say hi!
Going to be a great year for investing..

You can do it!


Happy New Year!!

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hello Corey (great name by the way--i named my youngest son that in 1985 and he named his son that seven years ago)!I just wanted to also add my hellos to you and thank you for your encouragement. And thank you also for stepping up and deciding to go all in on the journey in REI. This WILL be our year, no doubt in my mind!

We WILL do it!! Let's go get some!!

Gloria (missgee64)

god bless you in what ever you do

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