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Dan Frankum
Vancouver, Canada
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I'm a Wholesaler investing in residential homes and vacant land. Although I live in Vancouver, Canada, I successfully operate my business virtually throughout the USA. I network with associates representing me through out USA.
http://www. DanFrankum.ca
I want money, do you want money?
Lets make a WIN WIN deal $$ Smiling

outdoor recreation; snowboarding, scuba diving, hiking, whitewater rafting.

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Hi all, just rec'd Dean's

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Hi all, just rec'd Dean's books & Foreclosure Finder last week. Looking forward to some interesting reading. $$$
British Columbia, Canada

viewing Dean's deal of the month

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Has anyone experienced not being able to view SOME of these videos? I'm being asked to download in order to view. If so how do I resolve this problem without having to pay the $75 fee?

Have REO's, 50 cents on the dollar, properties are nation wide.

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I have connected with large Bulk REO Investor. This guy has the properties NOW, thousands. There going for 50 cents on the dollar. The properties are located all over the Country in up and coming areas (No Michigan). The investor will guarantee the properties will cash flow. You can buy 1, 2, 5, 10, 100, 1000 etc.

If you want I can set up a face to face meeting with the investor. He is located in Costa Mesa California. Or if you're out of the area I can set up a live webinar/conference call with the investor.

•No negotiating
•No time needed to locate the properties
•No talking to distressed homeowners
•No competing against other investors
.NO Kidding!!

Call me,

David Thillman

Bulk REO

If you have hard proof of funds, and can buy at least 10 million dollars, then I can help. I am a full time investor as well, however I am a licensed broker that deals with bulk purchases both residential and commercial. Like I mentioned before all of my sources require hard proof of funds, without that they won't even consider someone a serious buyer. Please let me know. As we speak I have multi families all over the country that are in need of rehab and are under performing, going rate is 35 -40 cents on the dollar.

reply: letter

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Yes!! Mr. Dean, I'm intrested in doing business with you....I'm in Nashville, TN. and I have a great deal ( this is an =REO= "a bank owns it" this is a single family home with a aprox. Value of ($155,000) with Land value of ($11,075)===+Tax amount+($447)+===Tax Assessment ($11,075) County is (Davidson) in the city of (Goodlettsville) == This is where I leave now for about 6 years. The great deal is that ++++ == This house is on Sale from the owner/Bank (=$12,000=) Let's communicate and you and I ===Can make a deal!! What do you say? What do you think? How would you approach this deal with me? Intrested?===++++www.reinarendon@live.com

Hi Dan

I am in florida and may have some properties that fit for that investor, Give me a ring 407-790-6851 Chris

Canadian Investor.

Hi Dan!!=) I'm also a Canadian Investor who's studying Dean's programs. I'm from Kelowna,BC. Hoping to share some information from other Canadian investor as well..=)


Im from Vancouver

Hey there. Seems like you made this post in 2011. Are you still an active investor? I've just begun my journey in real estate through bird dogging and I was hoping to network with you. Hope to hear back from you soon, thanks!