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Darren Ferrell
Live Near Yosemite National Park, calif
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Joined Success Academy April 10, 2012
Married my high school sweetheart ( 30 Years ago )
Worked construction field for 25 yrs,drove a high school bus for many yrs,
also worked in maint/const dept. for school dist.near 20 years till I broke my back ( 3 surgeries Later )Had to Retire But I am not letting this Bump stop me ,Thank you Jesus !!
Love life, Every Day is a awesome Day !!
Love Sun rises, Sunsets ,Bright Sunny Days
Ready To Become Financially Set for Me and My Family,
And Mom Of Coarse !! ( She Is My Mentor )

Watching my team Pittsburgh Steelers (Dream to go to Heinz field for the Season) Love Gardening & Sunsets with my Bride of 30 Years!!

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Retired/ Disabled
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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Mainly Just This One


Trying to Find a Good Real Estate Agent ( First Post)

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Hi Everybody,
I am in the Success Academy nearing 4 weeks now,( My coach Chris is awesome)I have around 12 Buyers on my list I have located , (7-8 are I feel will be good Buyers) I am trying to find a good Real Estate Agent,I called 1 in Stockton,ca using Re-max ,asked her to send me 7-10 listings that she thought would net us some profit. She did send me some the next day,she said she sorted thru around 108 properties and sent me 5. I thought to my self that 1.she was maybee feeling me out to see if I was a serious investor? 2. maybee she did not have a lot of experience with working with investors?
So I emailed her back after viewing the 5 properties she emailed to me ( by the way I told her we looking to invest in the stockton area and she sent 1 property which was in the modesto area) and asked her to please send me if available 10-15 more properties to view, so she emailed me back much later in the afternoon and said that their inventory was low due to receiving multiple offers? I have looking at the different listings on different realtor sites and I am not seeing low inventory and I am seeing some prices on properties with some really good equity in them.
Maybee it it time to get my realtor list back out and make some more calls to find a different agent, or should I give her a chance still?
I think I should find another agent ,What do you guys think? Any advice would be a blessing
Darren ( Yosemite Guy )


Hi Darren
Nice to see someone else near Yosemite. I work for the nation park service in Yosemite and have been investingm for about two years. I look ford to following your progress, if you want to talk pm me


Continued success

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I know you are on the path to your success. The forums and links are great resources for almost any question you can think of concerning real estate investing. Just ask or just find your answer. Some real estate agents say things that are unexpected; and if we pay close attention, we will find out if they are investor-friendly; or if they have a lot of experience. Success often comes after hurdles (challenges). Attorneys, escrow companies, title companies, and all of the other Professionals that we bring into our personal networks may have to be replaced (at some point with back-ups). Just keep putting forth action.
Your real estate attorney can also help you write up offers. Offers can be made verbally, over the phone.
You can mail/fax a written offer to the seller or seller's agent.
You can have your real estate agent present the offer.
By waiting to inspect only those properties that have already accepted your low offer, you can prevent wasting time driving around to look at properties where the owner won't accept a low offer.
Freedom Seeker,

Continued Success

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Hi Anthony,
Thank you for the Great advice Smiling
I have found myself doing a lot of un needed driving around ,getting offers in with FSBO, doing lots of marketing, Bandit signs, craigs list et.. Love those Bandit signs ! LOL Calif is pretty competitive but we just have to get creative and change things around