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I came to the US via the US navy. Got recruited in from my home country and spent about 9 1/2 years before I quit. Out of those years, I spent about 6 years at sea riding submarines and the rest at shore in Hawaii. Went back to school and have gotten a degree. Worked for an aerospace company for several years and was laid off. Took another job on a food manufacturing company and again was laid off. I now am working for another manufacturing company for several years now but seems like my luck is running out again since the company is loosing it's fervor and production is down. We have several lay offs during the years and so far I'm still with the company.

I've been hearing infomercials about real estate investing for so many years from different so called guru's including Dean. In fact I bought several training but was not able to do anything with it.

Around Sept of last year, my wife drag me into a free real estate seminar "one of Dean's". Before we go, we agreed that we're not going to buy anything, however, at the end of the presentation, I was so motivated that I said we'll go ahead and attend the training. I figure if I can be sucessful in doing it, I won't be afraid of loosing my job or even better, I'll be able to quit it once and for all. And so my journey began. I have read the "30 days ..." several times now and am foresuing the instructions as laid out. As I read the blogs on this site, I am now more convinced that it can be done and I will do it first for myself then for the rest of my family.

Running marathons (half and full)

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welcome aboard

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Welcome to the site and the family. Read ,read, read and then do is the most I could tell you here. ANYTHING is possible let me tell you..... Good luck and I will be watching to see when you leave that job..Keith

what part

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I just noticed that you are in cali as well. Where please


Hi Keith,

Thank you for passing by. Yes I'm in Southern California as well -- LA County. Been trying to get the first deal but seems like it's getting tighter and tighter. I've already gone thru 3 RE agents not because they're not helping me but because they got tired of my low ball offers. I'm trying to get other agents at the moment and see if I can work it out again. I have at least 10 cash buyers already lined up but I'm afraid it's getting stale since I haven't gotten any deal to present since I started in Nov of last year.

Any suggestions to get me going will be very much appreciated.




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Hey sorry I missed your post completely,I have not received notice when people post other than my inbox? What can I help you with? Reply to pm please. Also, I replied to your ? under my account area.