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Derrick Burns
Chicago, Illinois
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Hello my name is Derrick Burns, I am 19 years old and recently I graduated from Perspectives Leadership Academy high school in Chicago. I am currently in college at SIUC and I anticipate on majoring in Criminal Justice.
I am so interested in real estate because you can make money in any kind of market of real estate if you apply the right methods of the diffrent kinds of cycles in real estate.
I want to become the big man and multimillionaire because so many people have let me down in my life so far and i never want to beg again from these people no more. I also want to make my family happy to see me on the top and then help make their widest dreams come true.

well this is story on how i got here and the rest is here I am.

US Government, Real Estate, Criminal Justice, Rocks, Coins

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College student
No Children
In College

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What advice would you give to Real Estate Freshmens?

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I am a real estate freshmen,I am only 18 years old and I would like to learn all the 411 from someone who knows it better than i do and start taking action so i can get out there and start making money.+

Hey Derrick,

Hey Derrick, Congradulations!!! you can do this.I commend you starting early. I know people from all walks of life, from College Grads, to hard working 9-5 employees, to great salesreps. There is no other opportunity that offers what real estate can offer. Get all of Deans Books, especially "Profit from Real Estate Now", read it & do it. Set your goals & take action. You will succeed. God Bless & pray great success to you!!! Enjoy the journey!!! If Dean can do it you can too!!!


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I will do my very best and get out there and take action.