Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #196 - Olympic Style Success

Few things are as thrilling as seeing an Olympian grab the Gold. It's a culmination of countless hours of training and preparation. It is the result of years of disciplined commitment. We know that on the surface, but have you ever thought about what athletes like LeBron James, swimmer Michael Phelps, soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo and gymnasts, Jordyn Wieber and Aly Raismanichael were doing in 8th grade?

What did they sacrifice? The end result is obvious, but the path to get there...not so much. This week Dean draws a powerful comparison to getting Olympic Gold and your ability to achieve real estate gold. You're gonna love this one.

What a Great Weekly Wisdom!

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Thank you Dean,

I love these Weekely Wisdoms! I get some perspective from them for the week to come.
I was also watching the olympics (late at night!)- just awesome determination and focus from all the olympians! Very inspiring!

You are right, it takes a lot of sacrifice to achieve success! Phelps is an incredible fighter! I admire his dedication...

I encourage myself, every day, to succeed in rei; no other way to reach my gold medal!

Looking forward to your new book!!!

I love the Weekly Wisdom!

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I never miss a week since you started Dean. and i can't wait till that book comes out.


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lol! Awesome stuff Dean!

Even though I haven't watched the Olympics at all, I get what your saying.

Not sleeping much at all anymore, so sometimes in the whee hours I'll get deep in thoughts or just write it out....gets it off my chest. Sometimes just a re-iteration to myself, for clarity, or for some 'self-coaching' to suck it up and push harder! lol But your message was exactly what I was thinking/feeling this morning.

Posted this on FB as status update this morning:
'Nothing great ever comes without sacrifice. Get to work at accomplishing your own dreams, your own goals. Don't be the person standing on the side of life watching other people accomplish be the one out there doing the d#%n thing! There is no secret to it.....the only thing that is holding you back it yourself! You have to save your own life, no one is going to do it for you!
Dare to Dream, No Limits, No Doubt, Sacrifice, Determination, Motivation, The Power to Succeed lies with you! Champions for example are what happens when you leave the plain of average thinking and doing and are willing to go after those dreams and you make those dreams a reality!'

I love the quote "Do today what others won't so you can live tomorrow like others can't."

Watch the masses then do the opposite! If you want something different, you have to DO something different and would even take that quote a step further and say if you want something different you have to BECOME something different!
btw: If people aren't talking about aren't doing anything! It's only when you 'on target' do get heavy fire! When you're 500 miles away, you aren't a threat! So if you are 'getting attacked' rejoice!! You are getting close! Smiling

Thanks for all you give and do!

Awesome about the book! Can't wait to pick it up!

Have an amazing week!
God bless,
Jen Gray

The Gold

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Nice weekly Guns!! I think the best one was the runner with blades for feet. It shows that nothing, i mean nothing can stop you if you have a dream......

Loved the olympics...

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but glad they are over! Smiling I was getting so distracted by them. But I loved watching the pure determination on the faces of the athletes. I feel like we, as real estate investors, have to have that same determination to keep going no matter what happens along the way. Loved your comments, Dean, and can't wait for your new book! Smiling

Teresa Jo

Hey Dean

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Thanks for more wisdom. That was a very good example of what it takes to be successful in REI.

Looking forward to see your next new book also.

Thanks for all that you do Dean.

Steve and Veronica.

Great analogy...

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Very poignant and timely message. While we won't always finish 1st and earn the Gold Medal(or the deal may fall through), that doesn't mean that we should just throw in the towel and give up. Even Phelps said he was not about to just "tank the Olympics and give up". Rather we should use that as motivation to learn, keep at it, and to ensure the next one (deal) goes through.

Thank you Dean, for reminding us to get back up if we get knocked down; vs. throwing in the towel.



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When you speak about how the athletes "condition" themselves and when this last deal fell through I can say I FIRMLY have my eye on the end result. I look back and see where I failed (on that deal) and I move onto the next one. There's no stopping this run-away train.

As to the new book of deals you're planing to publish, SEND ME A COPY!!?!!, please. I know it would be awesome.

And I'll see everyone at the top.

Rick Cooper
Rick Cooper Investments

Thanks Dean

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This was another great way to start the week. I can't wait to see the new book!
Best wishes.


Dean I am ready for that big book

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Dean, It is always amazing getting your emails with theses new WW Vids. I am always learning and recharging myself with your words and wisdom.


I love the summer Olympics

Great wisdom as always Dean and so true.

great message dean

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the fact is when you immerse yourself in achieving your goals, you're going to lose some friends. it's not that you're shunning them, but you have to seperate yourself from the people that want to talk about what's wrong with the world instead of changing it. if you want greatness, you alone have to go for it. you may get help i.e. this site and the wonderfully helpful people on it, but you have to take action.
in fact, you have to take action most when you don't want to. go after your dreams and make them a reality
thanks again dean and everyone on this site.
keep moving forward, rob

Thanks for being so transparent

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Thanks for sharing you innermost thoughts. If every American were like you, America would not be in trouble. I always say, "It's not how many times you fail, but how many times you bounce back that guarantees your success." Michael Phelps is living proof. So are you. So are we if we believe that.

Thank you Dean

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These last few weeks have been very helpful. Although I have accomplished a buy/hold deal I'm still looking to complete my first assignment deal. I have gone through 5 real estate agents and am still looking for the right one. I went back and began to re read profit from real estate to find Matt's letter that he faxed to the REA offices, so I'm going to try that this week and see what motivated REA calls. Going back and regrouping, reorganizing, and refocusing has opened my eyes to another way. I just needed to accelerate over the speed bumps to push through.
The knowledge and confidence that is gained through this site is outstanding, thank you all for your words and experiences.
Have a great week!

Ron LeGrand, Robyn Thompson, Ed Speed,

and Cameron from Equity Trust touched on very similar subject this past weekend at the MNREIA Summit. Your name was mentioned, and spoken highly of.

Just wondering if they were the real deal or just trying to gain props. I am very motivated now and going to utilize their info to the limit.

I know you are the real deal as well as my Coaches in the Success Acadeny, you all keep me striving towards success. Never give up, thanks for the inspiration Dean.

Oh! and finally met Rina, Tonia, and Nate, who is one of my Buyers there too. Again, I've got a story to tell. Check out my Post. All DGer's. Nate to the rescue!!!!

Signing out,

Thanks Again Dean

Thanks again Dean for another great Weekly Wisdom! I know that I can always count on you and my DG family to keep me inspired and motivated. Will work hard to get that REI Gold because if I don't do something to change my current situation then nothing will ever change and I MUST change and I'm happy to have you and my DG family help me! I WILL do this!! Can't wait for the new book! You're the best!!

Great Highights

I have been having a difficult time with Real estate deals. I have all your books and yes read them as well, can not wait to get your need one. My first deal fell thu and what a bummer and yes, I felt like quitting for just a couple of days, but I got up dusted myself off and started reading your books to get motivated again and 5 months later I did my first deal wholesaling and made 4 figures (do not know if I could put a figure it here) in about 3 days working app 6 hours.. So yes, this does work. I just proved it to myself. I knew it did that is Why I will never QUIT----Quitters never Win and Winners never QUIT...
Thank You Dean you have such a Great heart Helping me as well as the rest of the DG Family
The info on Micheal in the Olpmics was such an inspiration Thanks

You are truly inspirational!

You are truly inspirational! I appreciate you for the fact that you are always saying "you can do this" when others are saying you can't.

Thank you Dean!

Thanks Dean

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Dean, I can only say wow. I love how you see the best in everything you do.

My hero

Olympic Style Success

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Hi Dean....

Another great video......I enjoyed watching the Olympics....and seeing how the world came together for 17 days....

All the Athletes are to be commended on a great effort, and performance....

Hard work does pay off.....

I will be looking forward to your new book.....

Have a great week.....

Kindest Regards,

Big Book

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Awesome Dean! Can't wait for the Big Book to come out. Yes, sacrifice is what's needed. The biggest sacrifice at this stage is probably time. But then, when you are having fun, it's not really a big sacrifice, is it? Practice makes perfect. Persistence makes perfect.


Great Weekly Wisdom

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Thanks Dean
I need to get out there and make my first deal. your weekly wisdom is very inspiring.

WHAT AN HONOR..........PHELPS BOUNCES BACK......................

I am such a sucker for the games, too. I love the whole thing.....but, you are right - when things don't go according to plan...there are people ready to tear u down for it.

Friday was to be my closing date(actually my second prop). It didn't happen. To cut a long story short, I told Mike at the academy- " I'm on the floor, kicking my feet and my hands- lol!!!"( not literally,of course). This is my second contract that has not gone thru- although, I haven't completely lost the deal---I have to live, learn, and laugh....about this or I will not make it.

I have a few people, just like u say--negative people around that bulk about it, but it's what I' m doing , not them....So, after my mental temper tantrum, and my venting to the academy (sorry, Mike---thru no fault of theirs, either)....I pull my self together, and move on.

Like leaves falling from a tree in the fall....they fall to the grow and turn into nothing but dirt and blow away......just like the negative comments I get from others....

One of my favorite thing about all of this, is putting the deal together -love it. And even though it take practically no time, or it seems that way to me, I don't like it when they don't close.....

So, yes I'm getting some grief over it....but like I said...I HAVE TO LAUGH ---

When I was born......I told the nurse," Hold on a minute, I wanna check out the house across the street !!!"

I love this stuff, all of it -- this is all I see myself that I am learning a lot of new and great stuff.....I think I'll just laugh a little bit more, lol.....



Love it!

Thanks Dean - can't wait to see the book!

Monday Morning Shot in the Arm

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Just the thing I needed to hear today. A part of me just wanted to curl up on the couch with a good book, but instead I listened to your blog, Dean. I'll keep this short because I am contacting two realtors I've been dealing with to have them pull the listings for the 25-1 strategy. Too, I'm going to start targeting estate sales today. I'll start on Craigslist. I know what I do on a daily basis will pay off big time , just like an Olympic athlete's daily workouts pay off. Slow and steady wins the race.


"No matter how old, you can still become who you were meant to be."

Love the Olympics! What

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Love the Olympics! What perserverance! Great way to start the week with weekly wisdom!

Thank you. Everything you

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Thank you. Everything you say makes sense. Just don't know why it has been difficult to start. I guess I'm not disciplined enough and need to change. I'm committed to our kid's dreams and recently thought maybe wait until kids grow up but, feel it would be too late. It has to be more than making money but, a passion. It's been four years I've been here and two years since EDGE. Watched every weekly wisdom you've posted. Have empowering conversations, joined academy over a year ago, have rock bottom and set for life. It's all great material but, still need the determination like the Olympians and overcome fear. Now is the time! Thanks for all you have done to help and still do feel I can do this with your encouragement! Better late than never!

New Student and soon to be Success Story!!!!

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Hi everyone, I've watched several of these and Dean you really are a GREAT person for all the effort you put to your Students. I can see it in your face and in your voice that you are very sincere and love what you do. I've always wanted to get into Real Estate but this is new to me and is a little scary. Most new adventures are scary but the way you have all these systems set up is just fantastic! I'm going full steam ahead with this and will not stop until I'm successful! I'm about to talk to my Coach for the first time in a couple of hours and can't wait to get started. Look forward to meeting everyone at the buying summit this month. I will work my but off to make this work as fast as possible so when my first child is born in December it really will be a GREAT CHRISTMAS!! Thanks again Dean!

Olympic Style

Good to remind us of sacrifice, training and preparation! What is my goal - what is my gold medal?
I need to write that goal and my WHY !!!! on a big sign to put above my computer....
Every day reminder - Olympics were GREAT !!!!!

Great Weekly Wisdom

One observation that I can make about the Olympics is to comment on the diversity of our athletes and what a statement that makes about the US compared to other nations. So I need to capitalize on the diversity of New Mexico and become a mover and shaker of the status quo. There is no one perfect way for success but a combination of a variety of Dean's specific guidelines that lead to diversity in approaches that work.

Thanks, Dean,

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