Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #194 - What's Cool About You?

Do you know how awesome you are? If not, this week's blog is going to help you see just that. Dean shares an absolutely AWESOME little exercise that is going to really empower you to feel better about yourself and move forward in your success.

Also, he invites you to submit your entry for his "Send Me Away Dean" contest where the winner gets a week vacation on Dean's dime and the chance to partner with him on a deal!

What's Cool About Me

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(This is no place for humility. . . )
I've been married 34 years, and my husband and I are still crazy in love.
I have 4 children, ages 16, 19, 24, and 26. They all like to spend time with me.
I am an amazing mom.
I Love Jesus.
I am paying for a 2 week vacation to Hawaii with profits from Real Estate AND all 4 of those children, plus son-in-law and son's girlfriend, and of course Hubby are coming! We are so blessed.
I started a new career in my mid fifties. I believed I could, I persevered, I got the right training, and I continue to succeed. (This career of course is Real Estate Investing!! The training of course came from Dean)
I don't fret over set-backs. Yes, I have them.
I am teaching Boots on the Ground - a super gratifying way to give back. I get to travel the US and Canada!
I have learned to improvise on the piano, after decades of believing I couldn't.
I have been mentioned in a Dean Weekly Wisdom Video Smiling


Finally I got my EDGE 12 symbol. Now if I could just get that first real estate deal. I know I sound like a broken record but I really do need that deal to catapult me in to my fantastic future. I really bit the bullet so to speak and made my way to the EDGE 12 event and it was perfect except for my own blunder and big mistake that a few are aware of and I can not forgive myself for it. What I am doing is learning from it and setting more goals and will do things very different next time and I will be at EDGE 13 Lord willing.
Boy oh boy Dean, You do not know how much I needed to hear this message. You see I realize that I do have a big problem and it is a barrier that I am working on and it is me. First of all I have a poverty mindset and that is an incorrect posture. Second, even though I have no problem talking to people and can be a social butterfly if you will, I have isolated myself to protect myself. We know that everything happens for a reason so I would say it is lonely at the top of success or so I have heard and been led to believe. In my entreprenuerial spirit, I shut the naysayers out and I want to be in control of my life and not have others to control it. Now I am being told that I can not have the kind of success I want being alone. Big problem - what to do?
Well, I will keep on keeping on and studying and continuous restructure of my goals.
I have felt like OMG, I could never do what Matt and Dean have done. You guys are beyond the ozone layer and still going. Here I sit on social security and a small retirement amount and I am like a little one learning to walk and see myself as a struggling business woman.
The one special thing about me is that I am a delightful lady full of love and affection and I have God's Favor. I am living by faith and it works. My own home went into foreclosure in January and I have to say if I had not been learning from you I would not be the person I am today. Because of you Dean I gathered the strength and the courage to make it to the EDGE and I am happy to say I was approved for HAMP in May and things are coming along. I do not know what is next but my focus is on REI big time.

Hey Guns

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I am back up after being down on the site for some time. I would first like to let you know that your staff (Jeremy) have been great at getting me back on here after the software problem. The people that spam about shoes and ???? have caused others on here to have problems and I understand about the spam prevention software but man I was in withdraws without my DG fix... Anyway, great to be back up and your post was great this week. You put so much time into this I know it must take a toll on your family life...WHAT is cool about me is the fact that I have changed lives forever with my real estate deals. Helped people get their first deal done...Moved families into their first home, gave back time to my locale school because I am a full time real estate investor and the list goes on... I sent my video in at the deadline last year and took second place.. I will be sending it in sooner this year and look out because it is going to rock.... NOW I HAVE TO GO GET SOME.......

What's Cool About Me?

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Hi Dean

Another great motivational Video. This new exercise is going to be a " Thinker " How does one put so many years on a 1 -10 list of " What's Cool About Me " Here are a few:

How My Mom (who was the cool one ) was, is, and always will be " My Hero", My Academic Achievement Awards, and How I excelled in Sports. And how I always take the time out of my day for My Daily Prayers.

What's Cool about you Dean is how you care, and take the time to show your DG Family how to succeed in Real Estate.

As you said " It's Simple, Not Easy ". So true as with anything is life that is good, and worth the time, and effort...It's never easy....

Thank You Dean...God Bless You

Kindest Regards,

Dean- you always have the coolest ideas!!

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Thank you so much for having us do this assignment, especially because it's always been difficult for me, as a mother and a wife, to give myself credit for anything that I do or have done it the past...

After thinking long -it took me a while to think of 10 cool things I have done, but then once I started, thoughts just started flowing, and I was writing things that I never before thought they were actually cool things I had accomplished!

One thing, that I always thought was no big deal, and at the time "I just did it" but now I think is pretty cool about myself is that I put myself through engineering school while being a single mom, and not only did I graduate with honors, but during that time I was the best mom I could be; I never missed any of my son's soccer games- actually I even got a referee license and was also the team manager for his team for years! I would take classes in the morming while he was in school, leave school when it was time to pick him up, take him to soccer practices, then go home, cook dinner, help him with his homework, read him bedtime stories, and after he was asleep, I would then study until late every night, until I earned my degree.

Today, my son is a college graduate too, and I feel so blessed!

And for the last couple of years, since I saw Dean in an infomercial in 2010, I have been venturing in a new career that I never thought possible- REI! It has been an incredible experience: studying late at night all over again!! learning all of DG's techniques, meeting other amazing investors, attending the Edge 2012... and actually getting deals done! How cool is that?!!

Dean, words cannot describe how grateful I am for everything you do to motivate us to be the best that we can be and showing us how to create goals for ourselves, and achieve those goals! And the coolest thing? I met you in person at the Edge!!!

Thank You!!

Thank You, Dean

Couple of the coolest things about me is that I am very organized and know an excellent opportunity when I see one. Smiling Ron

Everyone Here is Cool!

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First off I'd like to say that everyone here is cool just for being here...Just for taking the steps to achieve greatness and succeeed in REI. Just for educating yourself and participating to enlighten others when you may know a little more than someone else. Just for sharing your experiences and mistakes so we can all take notes and remember what to or not to do. I appreciate everyone on here. We all deserve a pat on the back!

So here's my little coolness, or just something I'm proud to acknowledge about myself: I'm trying to succeed for everyone else in my life, not me. Meaning I want to help as many other people that touch my life as possible. Seriously. I think about it all the time. How everyone in my family is in need of help, and I feel that if I can only do this I can help them all in some way. Now I know that may sound crazy to some to put so much pressure on myself to succeed, but I know no one else is going to be able to do anything to stop this downward spiral. I'm a very selfless person. If someone else can benefit from something, I will chose to do without in order to make them happy. And I'm ok with that. I feel good when I can make someone happy. And I feel guilty when I get or buy something if I know somoeone else wanted it too. I guess it's a little wierd, but it's how I am and I don't know why.

Thanks for helping me to see that I am unique

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I am seventy years old, I've been married 50 years. We have 4 children, each unique in their own way. I am a retired minister. I have always been a care giver. I'm always ready to help anyone who needs help, but we did not plan well for retirement. I never really thought much about helping myself until I stumbled across your website last year. I look forward to your words of wisdom every week, because you always make me think about myself and my own needs. I have gone through an amazing transition this year, mainly because of your words of wisdom. You have made me realize that there are many amazing things that I can still do with my life. Although my wife and I are in a survival mindset, you have helped me open my eyes and realize there is more to life than just surviving. Thanks Dean for all you do. I know that I am not the only one who has been helped through your efforts.

Hey Dean

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Just when I think you did your best weekly wisdom Dean you come out with a better one. Thanks for staying motivated for us Dean. That's one other thing that is cool about you.

What is cool about me. Well in school I was a lot like you Dean, I had to go to speech classes the first 6 years of school so I was not one of the cool kids. By the end of high school I think I came out OK with some real good friends.

Now the cool stuff. Served my country 4 years in the USMC. I met my beautiful wife to be Veronica in Califorina. We have been married 26 years now, how cool is that. I am a great Dad to our 22 year old daughter. Veronica and I own the house that my mom and dad live in. Thank you again Dean for helping us with the knowledge to invest in real estate.

You know what else is cool I have met Dean Graziosi in person to me that is very cool.

Steve and Veronica.


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Hi Dean and everyone Smiling

Awesome weekly wisdom. Dean posted my video a few weeks ago, go check it out please.

What's cool about me: I set real estate goals and fight to accomplish it. My first real estate goal was to land a deal in 3o days and I did it Smiling. Im a full time single dad of twins. Im helping and influencing my friends and family to make money in real estate. I just made a goal to be 2013 send me away contest winner Smiling

Matt Larson's System

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Does anyone know where to get Matt Larson's DVD on using his system? I heard he has one but finding it is a different story.


whats cool about me...

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I'd have to say, My Will Power! Its the strongest that I have ever seen...hands down!!!

What is cool about me is that:

1) I have healed from M.S.
2) My math skills have improved since taking Dean's live event 90 days ago
3) I am an Action taker.
4) I have been married for 10 years and my wife still loves me as much as the day we married.
5) I am successful even when I fail.
6) I invested in skills that are transferable and becoming an effective leader.
7) A customer branded me "The Positive Guy".
Cool I am driving my dream car 2010 chevy camaro.
9) I am writing a book about my Hero's Journey.
10) My wife loves me for the man I have become and always wanted to be.
Thank you Dean for asking us to do this. It will be very handy when life throws a me a curve ball.

Pretty Dam cool!

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This video is pretty dam cool. You know whats even cooler...within the next couple weeks after we close on the sale of two more properties we will have made(with income and equity) our first million dollars$$$$. Julie and I want to thank you, your staff and the training and education we have received to make it this far. Your programs are the best!
Thank you!
John Wakefield

Thanks Dean

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That was a great video Dean. I look up to the achievers here on DG website. And gives me inspiration. With you saying, I have come a long way since I had no idea about RE before this. I am gaining the knowledge to move forward. Thank you for that!!!

real cool

We have 3 daughters 22, 20 and 16 and they have all swam for the same high school team. When our 16 yr graduates we will have 10 consecutive yrs on the team. In the last 8 yrs I haven't missed a meet. Looking forward to the last 2.

What's Cool About Me

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What's cool about me is that even though I am extremely busy, I took the time to stop by and get another encouraging word from Dean to help keep me on track, motivated, and looking forward to a better future. Thanks Dean!

Whats My Accomplishments in Life, (Whats Cool)

Yes, Thank you Dean..... that really helps & made me feel good instantly! & ultimate is: we live in America, the most promising & opportunity country on this planet. Being married to a person from another country (philippines)- we both can relate. Besides from weekly blog - I just had to get something off of my chest: I join your organization in February - I had been watching your infomercials for years, i am a member of rich dad , poor dad, robert kiyosaki team. Roberts talks good of you & thats my reason for getting aboard your organization: but i thought this will be good for you to know: The 6Jun12 inner circle summitt, i'm referring to: when me & the wife arrived at the airport, we needed instructions , contact info to the hotel, none was provided, the documents we had, there were no clear instructions on the local hotels, only a contact number that was on the documents we had, but that person was in utah, not very helpful, there were no bus to pick us up,?????, just wasn't very professional, my vision, having 20 years of air force life, professionalism is a must, there were none. just for your info Dean, because i know you are a very good buisnessman. got good comments from the rich dad team about you. now, let me get busy on submitting my offers. Also,i met Matt Larson & he was very professional also, as a team member of your organization, reminds me of my previous military training, he was trained right!!!!!


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Thanks Dean for everything. This is the year for me to submit; last year was my start up period, first with Singe Family Resistents and now this awesome direction with Class A properties. I had to prove this out and as an entrepreneur so many not assoiciated with this DG Family or what this Investing world is about, I just could not share with. I wasn't willing to open up to all the potentially negative energy that you also have us avoid. Well, my story might not be the winning one but it needs to be told. I have a need to share this because it's affecting so many lives in so many positive & wonderful ways. I'm anxious to share it with you. And who knows, even if I don't win maybe it will inspired you to do a deal with me!

I think this message is a

I think this message is a great idea. You are so correct when you say we sometimes beat ourselves up. Thank you and I will be doing my homework.

I am cool (smiles)

i'm going to do the exercise and stay positive .Yes working another job as well. but iam learning to think different about that . findind ways to talk to investors, agents , and buyers doing the day hope to have a deal very soon. Positive feed back and going to investor clubs. they have started sendind me properties.

What's cool about me?

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I'm Living my dream!

What's Cool About Me

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I've been married 37 years, and my husband and I are still in love.
I have 4 children,ages 36 (twins),35,and 25. and I have 5 grand children and they all like to be around me. They think I am fun to be with because I play with them and spend time with them.
I am an amazing mom and grandmom.
I Love Jesus.
I started Dean Grazios Real Estate Course, Success Academy, in March of 2012, and since them I have had a lot of things come across my path to keep me from doing any deals. I moved twice and started a new partime job then my sister died suddenly and I had to fly back to Nova Scotia for a funeral. All of these things were expences to me that I did not plan to incounter when I signed up.
I have to admit that I was getting a bit discouraged. Here I am 4 months later and I was no further ahead then when I started. All I've been able to do for the last 2 months was to listen to Dean's weekly wisdoms and to be honest I was having a hard time getting back into the lesson in Success Academy. I didn't feel like I was having much success.
But then I got to thinking after hearing this weeks wisdom that I am further then I was in March because I now have some knowledge of real estate and I have gone to a few real estate meetings in my area and have meet a few investors.
I am finally getting around to reviewing the lessons that I have already done to bring myself back up to speed and I do so look forward to a wonderful future in real estate. I am hopefull again.
I believe that I can do this.
But I am aftraid to make my first deal. Somethimes I think that I am afraid to become successful. I covet your prayers and I need some help.


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Dean it's kind of hard not to compare yourself with someone. I think it's human nature to say or question, "What he or she got that I don't have?" or I would like to be more like him or her! I love your logic and to be honest with you, I don't want to be you, but I want to be like you. Does that make sense?

What's Cool About ME!

1. I love Jesus!
2. I love my family and I do everything for them before I do for myself.
3. Although I am at a dead end job I am here while I build my real estate investing business.
4. I am so in love with the fact that by the end of this year I will be debt free!
5. I invested into Dean's classes and workshops.
6. I will not let anyone or anything kill my dream!
7. I will make it in the real estate business and will travel out to CA to see my daughter whenever I feel like it!
8. I will buy my dream home!
9. I will buy my dram car!
10. I will no longer procrastinate! I must get the job done!

Thank you Dean for your weekly wisdom!!

Jimena Tavera (Jay)
JADAR Properties, Corp.

Coolest thing about me?

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I can see both sides of an issue at once. This does not keep me from being opinionated, mind you. But, it provides considerable resistance to any urge to judge anyone for what they think, believe, or do.


What's Cool About Me?

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Thanks, Dean, for reminding us to stop and celebrate our accomplishments. We, myself included, so often focus on what we haven't yet done or accomplished, rather than how far we have come.

Several years ago while going through a divorce, I kept looking for a loan and a home in the pricey neighborhood in which I lived, so that my children could continue at the same school, even though I kept getting turned down for a loan and saw nothing but ugly homes in the price range I could afford. And then, it all came together. Somebody, finally, gave me a loan and wihout even knowing what a motivated seller was, I found one and got a beautiful home for less money than the ugly ones I had viewed.

Thanks for reminding me what's cool about me. If I could do it once, get a loan and find a motivated seller, I can do it again.

What's Cool About Me?

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Well looking back when I purchased my 1st property in 1998 to 2010 I've had 2 residence, 3 investment properties. Now I lost all of them due to various reasons, loss of job,cheated by contractor, bad tentants and so on... I moved to Colorado and have gotting back in the SADDLE, I've met some RE investors out here and some Realtors who are same minded and have attended your seminar which really motivated me to go for it... I really don't have anything to lose BUT more to gain.. I've learned from my misatkes and plan on being sucessful IT"S JUST A MATTER OF TIME... with GOD GRACE.. thanks Dean...


Whta's Cool About Me??

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Hmm, let's see...

I have been following the Dean Graziosi way of doing real estate since 2007

I have a deal under my belt (almost by accident)

I kept fighting thru adversity and disappoitment
I keep believing that I can be better, more profitable and passionate.
I have almost everything Dean has written.
I haven't had a drink in almost 9 years
I continue to inspire those in my circle to commit to be better everyday
And after years of "what if",, I finally joined the Real Estate Academy!
That's pretty damn cool!


The Cool Story

To preface this commentary: I have the highest regard for you because of your coolness factor and you are very inspirational. With that said…here’s my story, discovering my coolness through Dean’s program.

Dear Dean,

This is in response to your consolation offer of not attending your free event. Today I received it again.
I sent this response the first time you sent this on Friday, July 27, 2012 8:34 AM…I didn’t get a reply and so I am posting it today Monday July 30th, (Cool # 1 persistence).
I did attend the FREE event and I even bought a package to go to Medford for the second level. I paid $1000.00, cash and $1000.00 of which I took a high interest loan from your company or an affiliate. It was the only money I had. Before going to the next Insider step I made business cards that said "My Name Real Estate Investor," because I was so jazzed. (Cool #2 Positive, concrete affirmations)
When I get there I discover it is full of content but yet another sales pitch to another level. Impossible, absolutely there is no way I could get to the...$25,000 level, are you kidding me. (Cool #3 Keeping it REAL)
Because of my station in life, not exactly a Rockerfellow here, I felt I was treated differently than others who obviously had a bank. (Cool#4 recognizing my faults, limitations) I understand it is business. The thing that gets me is that I always felt that your company wanted to help people to make a change, but I didn't feel the love as it were from this group. (Cool #5 Forgiveness)
To continue, on the last day, still hopeful, if you can believe that, I mean I made the cards. (Cool#6 Humorous WOO WOO)
After our last one on one a totally baffling thing happened (Cool # 7, acceptance of miracles) one of the participants asked me to partner with her. Now here's the thing, I hadn't had more than a few words with this woman the entire weekend. But she felt I really wanted this and she told me later she thought I was treated differently too. Of course I accepted holding back tears, thinking this is a bonafide miracle, she's an angel, on and on. When she told the trainer she was working with, he looked at me suspiciously, Melanie (my real life bonafide angel) assured him it was her idea. During the break she came up to me and said, "You have made me the happiest person", I assured her that the sentiment doubled from my perspective. (Cool # 8 accepting my baffleness) The training ended with a few side ways remarks from the facilitators about people riding on other peoples coattails; it didn't even bother me or Melanie. (See Cool # 5)
We support each other through uncertain, panic fear driven days of uncertainty. Melanie was panicked about the cost, and ask me if I could contribute, I laughed and said, "When you asked me to join you I was already planning to pay 1/2 the cost." (Cool # 9 Generosity) We went on our first BOG, it was by far the greatest experience and I regained a new found respect for your program. It was fantastic. Melanie and I were the only ones that showed up so we got one on one with the all great RG Williams, we just loved him. At one point during the weekend I had a breakdown because I could not figure it this one part, money issues came up big time for me. Luckily I have several tools (modalities) that I use to work through these things, and it was big...I am going to write a book about it, basically about my belief about money or the lack there of. The next day it just flowed to me and I finally understood, I can't thank RG enough for his patience.
I use the advisory a lot, and they are a very helpful. I also listen in on the daily phone lectures when I can because it helps instill some of the information RG gave us and new information as well.
I am trying my darness to make this work, we will see, forever hopeful. (Coolness factor # 10 voicing my truth)
I am not bothered by the fact that I keep receiving these e-mails, because I am in the program. I have tried several ways to get this to you privately but to no avail. So my angel, Melanie suggested I post this…(Cool # 11 being brave) This is just a condensed version but in the deepest recessing of my being I hope you take it with the spirit of being new to all of this world of finance. Here’s to a new future, as a budding Real Estate Investor (Cool # 12 Willingness to change)

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