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Looking to do creative real estate investing such as lease options, sub to and owner financing deals as well as wholesale flips.

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finding private money lenders

what's the best way to find private money lenders, and is that the best way to succeed when starting with nothing? I have been trying the whole bird-dogging thing, but haven't landed anything yet. I know a little about asignment of contract, but for some reason it doesnt seem as easy as it sounds. I know I need some more motivation. Do you have any advice? Im located in the hartford ct area. I actually just listened to the webinar about buying land for next to nothing and flipping it in seven days. I was thinking about trying to find private money lenders to use to flip the land.
I like the whole land investing idea, but Im open to anything thats gonna bring me some cash to work with. thanks for any info you can give me.