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Kevin Dietz
Casper, Wyoming
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I'm a serial entrepreneur. I was on this website a year ago or so, specializing in short sales. I used this site to rapidly expand into 15+ markets, and actually got quite overwhelmed. Partly due to too many people contacting me with deals I specifically did not want, and partly because the group I was working with was far less than satisfactory. Since then, I have been on a personal discovery mission, to learn more about myself, and life in general.

Now I'm back, looking to deal in wholesale, REO, and bulk REO packages ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Where I'm from there isn't enough business to get me where I plan to be, but that's the beauty of the internet. I have access to F$, a premiere real estate investing software, and looking to partner up with people looking to really do something. If you're a tire kicker, or window shopper, don't waste your time or mine please.

Looking forward to meeting the real players here, and doing business. Thanks for your time.

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Entrepreneur, real estate investor, network marketer, world changer, Jehovah's soldier, GIN member,
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Thanks Travis. I appreciate

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Thanks Travis. I appreciate that

Welcome Kevin!

I'm a serial entrepreneur as well. Just wanted to say Hi and wish you the best of luck this time around.

Thanks Dave, I appreciate

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Thanks Dave, I appreciate the support