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Twin Cities, Minnesota
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I've been fascinated with real estate investing since I was a kid. After reading the Rich Dad series of books (which Dean has been featured in!), I knew which life path I wanted to take and that life path was real estate investing. After all these years of reading books on real estate investing, looking at real estate deals online during class when I "shouldn't be", and going to seminars, I'm finally old enough to actually buy the real estate I've been learning about. Its a very exciting time for me in my life. Dean's books and training have really reinforced my life's path and now no amount of negativity from other people can stop me because I know that what he teaches WORKS.

Jesus Christ, spending time with my family, learning, waterskiing, surfing, fourwheeling, cars, traveling... the list goes on!

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hello dave!!

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Welcome my friend to an amazing site.glad to have you be a part of something amazing!! Keep pushing and learning...as u say...u R in the company of LIKE MINDED PEOPLE! !

Thanks for the welcome Jay!

Thanks for the welcome Jay! Like you said... I will keep pushing and learning until I get to where I want to be!!

Hi Dave

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congratulations for taking steps towards your rei goals! there is no wrong time to be looking at re deals!
I'm sure we will be hearing great success stories from you!

Wishing you the best,

Hello Dave... I also live in

Hello Dave...
I also live in the twin cities area and was wondering if you'd like to partner up on some deals?
Take care,


Dave, Glad to hear from you Sorry so long had some problems and was in hosp. for two weeks that duplex is sold but I know of more duplexs and houses in the $20.000 and up Please forgiveme but I am looking for people to work with and I would try to halp in any I can.

Hi All

would be glad to work with people that are looking for houses or rentals I have flipped three houses but would like to wholesale,I have one house for sale now in St Peters MO . The house is conpleatly rehabbed with just a few deys to finish, It is three bedrooms and a finish basement. Very Nice but no profit for someone else exceppt it is a great reantal Am asking $109.000 I can also get brick homes that are in good shape for $20.000 and up also duplexs Crossover Sandy