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David Kilianek
Dupage County Illinois
About Me: 

I came here to Deans site after seeing one of his late night infomercials. I heard the sincerity in Deans voice and he really seemed genuine.
I came here to learn and understand a new way of life, and dare to try something new. I have always rented, and never looked past the next bend in the road.
But as time slips by, it is time to knuckle down and start lookin a little further down the road with a full proof system that I can retire doing.

Bicycling / Drag racing / Fishing and camping / Playing my Bass Guitar / making money.

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Basic Info

Unemployed Commercial Labor'r.
No Children
Completed High School

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Mainly Just This One


I am in need of a Mentor and

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I am in need of any investors, here in the Chicagoland area looking for good investment opportunities.
I have a knack for finding deals well below market value. Ranging anywhere from 60 to 80 cents on the dollar. Any investors interested in investing in this area should contact me here or could also e-mail me at the website shown below.



I am spinning my wheels in the mud.

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Hey Dean:
Or anyone for that matter, where do I go to build my buyers list ?
I have placed dozens of ads on those so called free online classifieds, and I have not got a single response.
Is the market really that bad or am I posting my ad on a billboard in the middle of the desert where knowbody is going to read it ?

I am trying to operate on a non-existant budget and am beginning to run out of patience. I am practically
homeless as it is and am running out of options. What am I suppose to do ?

Are there any free online classified web-sites that you reccommend.


Your Blogs.

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Hello Dean:
I am so grateful for having
taken the time to have answered your late night infomercial, orderd your books and having the priviledge and honor of getting to know you.
I cannot tell you how inspirational your website has been for me in keeping me inspired where all hope has been lost.
Your weekly blogs continue to shine like a beacon of hope in the midst of a dark angry sky in its ravenous hunger to gobble up and destroy what hopes and dreams I have for the future, and esspecially this last blog, that ironically came a week after I broke a few bones in a bicycle accident, this Memorial Day Weekend.
Just when it seems all hope was lost, you seem to come through with another blog that hits the nail on the head.

Thanks again Dean for your infinate wisdom, and all of your endless encouragement.

Sincerely: Dino.

I think I may be on to something.

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I am not finding a whole lot of deals in my area, ("however!") I noticed a property in the local area, going up for auction. ( That was 6 months ago.)
I was able to contact a Saleasperson who gave a tour. The house is a tear down. It has foundation problems that are beyond repair. So...I moved on.
Last week I came back, only to notice that, that same house is still sitting there engulfed in a jungle of weeds. When I asked about the house 6 months ago, they wanted $110,000 for a property that was appraised at $234,000
The house was sold in May of this year
at a bargain basement price of $54,000
Why am I obcessed with this property ? And what would my options be ? I am trying to structure an Assignment deal.
That would be ( ideal.) 4 me. But I would have to find a Contractor willing to build a new house but
would also be able to acquire this property as inexpensively as possible.
I figured there might be about a $50,000 profit for me, but I am having a hard time trying to piece this deal together. Any suggestions ?

Hey Dean: Or

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Hey Dean:
Or anybody out there who might be able to help me out with information on the problems of capital gains tax.

Looking for investors.

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Where does one go to find and build his buyers list ? I thought Craigslist was gonna be the one stop shop, but I am not able to find anyone ?
Are there any DG students with any idea for locating cash buyers ?

Wholesailing and getting your sellers to committ to contract.

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In regards to wholesaling, I have never gotten anyone under contract. What steps are involved in putting someone under contract, and how does one approach the situation ?
How do you know who to approach with this offer ? What type of seller ?
I suppose this is where your buyers list would come in handy, after acquiring the property.
But where I am having a problem is knowing what to say and how to present the offer ?

Big Shout Out!

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Hey Dino, just wanted to say hi!


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I can't see the email?

Assigning Contracts ? Whole Sale purchases.

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Hello every body. I have never purchased a piece of property, and quite Frankly, the idea of purchasing or placing something under contract scares the hell out of me.
Could anybody explain to me, what type of seller would even consider such a proposal ?
How do you get the property under contract ?
Under what conditions can you get a property owner to consider such terms ?

What legal forms do you present the owner with, when placing them under contract ?

What wording and phrasiology do you use when describing to the benefits of a contract ?

Under what circumstances do you present the idea, and how do you lock up a contract ?

When flipping the property to another wholesale investor, is this where your buyers list comes in ?

How many Buyers do you need on an average list, of buyers ?

And lastly, where to you go to complie your list and where do you find theses Buyers ?