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Milwaukee, WI
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I'm a truck driver with no life due to working 14 hours a day. I have 2 kids and a wife I love so much. All I do is work rush home eat, bath and try to get a good 5 hours of sleep. BORING! SO now it's time for a change I have too much ENERGY, MOTIVATION and DRIVE to be in a truck 14 hours a day. TIME TO QUIT!

Finally Done it as of 11/2013. I quit my job as a Trucker and became a Realtor!
Also I'm a Credit Restoration Agent!

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Hey Steve, just wanted to stop by & sign your guestbook, and say Hi. I know you'll do well in RE & it sounds like you're PUMPED! It's not necessarily easy, though, it does require a lot of work on your part. But the payoff is a lot better per hour than any day job!

HI Steve

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It is great that you made your first offer. Do you have a jurnal going yet> if so I couldn't find it. If I can help at all let me know Smiling

Also in Wisconsin

Hi Steve, I am aslo in Wisconsin and want to welcome you to the DG family. REI is very rewarding and will get you out of that truck. Let me know if you need any help.

Your Name

Hey Steve ,
you should change your name to
"Go Getter" man this is who you are.


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how are you doing?! You have such great energy! I truly think that to succeed in rei, investors need to have a great attitude.. and you already have that, so I am looking forward to hearing about your deals very soon!

Keep going strong! There are so many great resources on this site, and some amazing, experienced rei investors who like to share their knowledge!

wishing you great success,

welcome steve

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I saw your post about agents and thought i would welcome you here. I can't wait to read that you quit your JOB...Good luck and I hope to see you at the edge..

Welcome Steve!

I saw that you were online at the same time I was, wanted to welcome You to the DG Family. Smiling I too work 14 hour days as a printing pressmen, 4 days a week; and sometimes a 5th OT day. I am now putting in offers with For Sale By Owners, and my agent on REO's.-just 6 months since my 3-day seminar. Real Estate Investing will NOT BE EASY, BUT ITS NOT HARD TO UNDERSTAND AND DO EITHER!!!! Do your homework, stay motivated, and do more homework. "Plan the work/ Work the Plan!" "Protect your mind-Protect your time." Stay away from EVERYTHING IN LIFE THAT'S NEGATIVE!
Good AMBITIONS TO YOU!! THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS LUCK!! Make your own path. -Tom


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How are you? how everything is going with you RE business?



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Hello there!!!!! How is it going up der in wiscanni!?!??!?! I am from Milwaukee myself and just moved down here to az 7yrs ago. My WHOLE family still lives up there and I want to keep going back and forth!

PM myself please, I would like to exchange information about how you could help me from down here invest up der:)!!!!!!!

Hope all is well! Keep up the hard work! Looking forward to talkin to you!

Hi Steve!!!!!!!

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Finally found you!!!!!!! I couldn't think of any SN that you may have, and figured you wouldn't put your actual entire name! lol...I don't do that! Eye-wink
So I was like...well, I will see him on here one day! lol...just didn't think I would see you today! lol...I saw you on Carol Stinson's page...I was going there to ask for advice and see if she could work with me on Wholesailing or at least let me know a lil bit about it...and I saw your comment!

With that said, I just wanted to place a post on here and say Hi and THANK YOU for REACHING OUT TO ME!!!!!!! It's nice to meet geniune people in don't find this too much anymore! So when you do, it's like WOW...they still exist!!!!!! Eye-wink I wish you and your family the best and pray that I can learn much more from you along with the others! And I can't wait to hear your GREAT BIG SUCCESS STORY! I mean, when you have the opportunity to spend time with those that matter most! Family and close friends! That will be a beautiful story and I want to be there to hear it! You and Ms. Sandi ROCK! I'm so blessed to have met you two. Because, no one really reached out to me the way that you two have done! And I understand that others are busy...but I'm very appreciative that you guys took the time! That meant the world to me! Thanks and I just look forward to having some great news and stories for you all soon!

Take care and stay blessed!


Ps: Sorry, I talk alot! And also, here's a little funny story: I'm looking on CL (craigslist)for "Sellers" right...well, I call this number that has "must sell, handy man special" ...wouldn't you know..that it was posted the same day I called, but the guy goes,"I don't have it, but WHAT are YOU looking for?" And I'm like laughing on the inside...because I'm like...Me? I'm not a FT Investor ...yet! I played along and told him what I was looking for...but inside I'm like...he's trying to Birddog for me, when I called so I can see how much his house was going for. Sounds like he used this ad to "pull in" potential Serious Investors....but I thought it was funny. Because I felt like he was a newbie at that moment...funny ..but I really did feel like he was more new than I! Wow right? lol....take care and ttys!


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Hi Steve.
I live in a Chicago suburb about 20 miles west of the city. I have been focusing a lot of my attention on the Milwaukee area. You being a Truck Driver, I figure oughta make you a pretty good judge of the area.
I'd like to network with you Steve, if that's alright with you ? And if I could, get you to tell me where the middle of the road, bread and butter rental neighborhoods are in the city ?

Truck drivers syndication

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Hey whats up I drive trucks to but I like real estate better I cant wait to close on my first deal still a virgin god bless you and your family keep up the good work and add me to your buyers and sellers list asap.

Hello Steve

Just wanted to say "hello"

Good luck on your future deals


still have a property to sell

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You say you made as much for two properties as you wanted for the 3 you had do you still have that third property? If so let me know and Ill probably buy it from you! Thanks, Robert

still have a property to sell

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Hey Rob I need your contact info!