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Pueblo, CO.
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Hello I'm Eric, I am 33 years old & I reside in Pueblo, CO. with my wife and our 11 year old daughter. I was an accountant/asst. mgr. at an Electrical Shop, but have been laid-off now for a little over a year, with absolutely NO luck in finding a new "job"...

I have been educating myself in Real Estate for about 2 years and "ALMOST" had my first rehab & flip deal last September, but unfortunately..., my investor decided to back out of the deal the day before closing...!! I have numerous years experience in both construction & finance, so I have kind of seen both sides of how it all works, however; I AM limited to electric/plumbing work. I have a very good Realtor with over 25 years experience working with me and helping me find deals, which in turn will sell it for me as well... The ONLY part I am having trouble with is finding the financing/funds to get my first deal going...
And am starting to wonder if "starting in Real Estate with NO MONEY" is really true....???

So please, if you are reading this and have any pointers, tips, questions, or would just like to say hi... Then please leave me a message and thank you for stopping by my profile....

REAL ESTATE... Music, Elvis, 1950's Era, Football (Denver Broncos), Baseball (Colorado Rockies), fantasy leauge sports, and Last but never least... My family..

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Thank you Keith for the warm

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Thank you Keith for the warm welcome.. and ya this site is awesome on learning the "real estate" business... Your mentioned to look at the county records for cash buyers... How would I go about doing that...?? is it something I can just go or call and ask for at the county records building...?? Thanks for the help.. it is very much appreciated...!!

Hi Eric

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Just stopping by your guestbook to welcome you and to wish you success on your rei journey.

You may want to check out Carol Stinson's posts for great advice on assignments, which is a great way to start...here's one of her threads...



Hey Valerie, thank you for

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Hey Valerie, thank you for posting on my page, and for giving the info.... I will definately read her posts and watch the video of her fist sale tonight...!! Hope all is good for you, and good luck to you on you real estate career as well....!!


add us to your buyers and sellers list asap.

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God bless you
Keep learning the DG family ways.