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great to have you here randy!!

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congratulations on the best move you ever made to join deans site.u r gonna love it !!hope you like to learn !!

thank you!

Thanks for the welcoming! This past year has taught me many difficult, life-changing lessons. I feel as if I'm adrift in a sea of opportunity. Many thanks for the greeting as I sorely am in need of one. I am "PUSH"ing through several obstacles, but eagerly await my first success in many years.

video clips

Dean- Thanks for sharing the video clips from the EDGE 09 seminar! I have a very important meeting this morning with a private investor and this email just gave me more encouragement!! Can't wait to see what you have coming next in the blitzkrieg!! Looking forward to details about EDGE 2010!!

Realtor/mls cash buyers list

Hi DG family. I just renewed my commitment to Dean's program by purchasing RBBP. VERY impressed! I'm in the process of adding another Realtor and came across an issue. Dean says in RBBP under the HUN section that "your Realtor can generate a report that reflects all sold properties in the area they can include a sort field to show how the properties were paid." My Realtor had her Broker call the MLS support line on a three-way and asked if there was anyway throught the reports they generate to gain access to a cash buyer listing and was told no. Can anyone clarify this for me. By the way I'm busily putting together the rest of my TEAM!!
Thanks and prosper!